Third October Blog

Third October Blog

Almost November.

Mist around the rooftops,
Dampness on the path,
Cobwebs sporting dewdrops,
Cool, no way to laugh.
Halloween’s upon us,
And pumpkins, orange bright,
Ghostly creepy crawlies
Festoon the trees at night.
November in the offing
And fireworks that spark,
Dispel the misty gloaming,
Showing up craggy bark.
Kiddies bonfire building,
Fifth of November draws near,
And winging its way soon is Christmas
The season of love and good cheer.

Cooyright Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2016.
This month has been a full-on month. Things happening, appointments, searches, shopping for the coming Festive Season. Yes, my friends, time to start gearing up. Not perhaps sorting out last years festive lights. That treat has yet to rear its little head. Or even deciding that some of the cards we stored away last year are usable, as we liked them better than what we have seen for purchase so far: and it makes sense to save a bit of cash that way.

No! Items like battery operated candles – some with remote controls. Some even advertised as operating on remote controls that do NOT work, no matter how many new remotes we try, or replacements the Company send, free of postage – that still do not operate in remote control ( even with a new remote control). The candles do work if you switch them in and off by hand. Pity, because the glass container that holds the candle is quite pretty. Going to the store with one of the remotes and trying several of the exact same item on the shelves makes no difference. Not one of them is powered up by said remote control.

Is this against the Law? Whatever! Said items ( two of them – the original purchase and the replacement) have been returned. Again, pity! Not a tin pot Company. Very, very large Company. Sigh!

A trip out to a farm shop. A nice drive with a relative. Beautuful weather for the time of year. This was partially to suss out products available, and boy, were they available. Great meats, luscious condiments, odds and ends that were unexpected.

I wanted to get, perhaps, a wild rabbit, so I enquired. Was party to a silly joke about rabbits being wild once deceased. Hmmm! They only had frozen ones, but it has to be said, in my lifetime, I have never seen prepared wild rabbit that size (apologies to vegetarians and vegans here). They are normally about a third to half the size I was shown, which made me suspect that it was a tame animal. Unless rabbits are being fed on better garden and hedgerow grub these days?

Suffice it to say, I did not purchase it. More for the point that I would have to defrost the whole thing. Far too much for me. Had it been jointed before it was frozen, might have had a different ending.

I was a tad disappointed regarding vegetable produce, sadly, a meagre display. I bought a large garlic bulb that cost me £1. 40 – almost three times normal price -because I needed garlic. But really, I suppose, vegetables are not big-ticket items. The rest of the goodies were also much more expensive than in a supermarket but…..and here, I have to say, they were good. So far, very tasty, bacon , sausages, ham. Other stuff in freezer so cannot tell just yet. Perhaps we always have to pay more for quality and taste?

And here we are, almost at the heels of November. Soon they will be kicking up and making us dance to their Tarantella. Good luck with that. Oh, and this is also planting season.

Be careful out there in this busy world.



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