First October Blog

First October Blog.

The Endless Search.

Sweet realm of infidelity,
Lost in the miasma of regality,
The dogma of civility,
And truism of propriety.

We seek, though seldom find,
Bumbling through the wind,
Never trusting the mind,
Being kind to the unkind.

Searching the presence of infinity,
Leaping the chasm of reality,
Mind-blowing distance of insanity,
Loving the coldness of prosperity.

Finding dreams to sear the heart,
Or blades to drive us apart,
Songs to sing at the start,
The sadness as we depart.

We seek love with impunity,
Often missing the core of iniquity,
Searching for dreams of conformity,
To live life in total equity.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. October 15th, 2016.

Finally some trees are shedding. A few in the supermarket car park today, planted years ago when the store was planned. Someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided that trees were needed to dispel petrol fumes and chose small decidous trees that showed lovely colours in the autumnal drop. Well done that someone, I say. They are pretty. Makes a change!

The discolouration is later than perhaps it would normally be due to the continuation, in this southern area, of mild temperatures. I hope this is not a foreboding, a portent, if you will, of a change in the air, to quote ‘the shape of things to come’. I personally, would be happy to welcome yet another mild winter in my ‘neck of the woods’. Chill, maybe but not really icy cold.

I know there are many who like the cold weather. And I suppose coldness is good for the trees and plants. Snow brings water but ice can cause problems in many ways, we live in a four season land here, after all. So those who love the cold in winter, my apologies. But this is my blog and my feelings. I am, as I have said before, a LEO. Lions like the sunshine and so do I.

So, a short blog for my first (and late-ish) start to October.

Keep safe.



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