Third September Blog

Third September Blog.

Far Beyond.

Was I only dreaming,
Did you call me from afar?
Did I listen after daybreak
As I watched the fading star?
Our spirits must have beckoned,
Through the ether we were falling,
Just a fingertip light touch,
Through the stardust void, our essences were calling.

We sought each other’s psyche
The need was there, dear friend,
The both of us were broken,
Almost hard for us mend,
Yet loving thoughts and kindness
‘Cross the cosmos, space and time,
Past perils, love and happiness,
I am yours, and you are mine.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. 2016.

Many people meet that one person who is truly the one for them. Reciprocated with the same enthusiasm, it can be winderful. Others think they have found that one partner fo life, only to find,at some future point in time, they have changed, you have changed, for whateve reason.

Some fall in and out of love or good feelings after time. And yet there are others who havw never found the right one for them. I am no expert, I am just examining this part of the humam condition, as I see it.

Some stay together for decades, ending up being with each other for 60 years and more. And some may still love each other all that time and some just stay together because it is comfortable, an easy life. Most of us want a safe easy life that we know and have become used to,, as we have matured.

Not everyone can afford that luxury. There are those that have drifted apart, possibly nursing old mental injuries, scars from being with the wrong one and breaking free, only to find they are lost without that partner and now have to deal with a world that prefers couples to singles.

And there are those that believe they have the right partner, only to find that the ‘one’ is not what they thought they would be. Are saddened by mistreatment, hurt, never to seek again for fear of being hurt again. Life can be a sad old thing!

Many authors here, myself included, write romantic novels/stories. Are these books how we have come across love? Or, are they what we think that all romance should be like, given half a chance. I know mine is not a smooth happening, as many romantic books are not, but we serm to try to bring the coupkes together in the last chapter, and that makes it alright, rounds iff the tale, so to speak.

I wonder how many, in reality, end this way? Or are we just dreamers?

Take goid care out in the world of romance.


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