First September Blog

First September Blog.


August, end of summer.
Butterflies are listless,
Fluttering here and there,
Feeding almost done.
Time to cut the buddlea,
No longer needed.
Where do butterlies
Spend winter?
Or do they die?
Their eggs surviving
In some dark corner,
Awaiting spring,
Birthing caterpillars,
To munch fresh green leaves,
In turn, to chrysalis,
To bloom again.

Summer hangs on,
But there and here,
Clouds droop,
Coolness seeps in.
Tomorrow, September
Creeps upon us.
Slowly, the year
Begins to die,
Pulls summer bounty
Around it,
Like a shawl,
Nudges nut gatherers
To take heed.
Whispers in the
Seed eaters ears,
As much as you can,
Whilst you can,
For I am the harbinger,
I tell the trees
Draw nutrients
From their leaves
To sustain through
Winter’s perils.
The Waning year
Is dying and winter approaches.

Copywrite Evelyn J. Steward. August, 2916.

I begin this blog on a dour note as the last day of August is upon us. The sun has shone in spots but now the cloud hangs low, almost threatening rain. Will it? Only time will tell.

I am still hoping for an Indian Summer. I have a few plants coming soon. I do not need the weather to deteriorate in the next few weeks. Compost in tubs. Plants to put in. So sunshine, please stay around a while longer.

Yes, gray skies have seeped into this last day of summer holdays (for some), for children, soon to walk through those school gates to begin the autumn term. Some, quite new to school, view it with trepidation: others are old hands, greeting friends they have not seen since July.

Shopping Channels have already shown light winter jackets, hoping you will buy early, ready for winter chills. In a few weeks, jackets become coats, scarves, hats and gloves, these will enter the mix. Boots too, will be available to buy the easy way. No traipsing to the High Street. Order online! Simple! Saving energy, saving cash, (sometimes)! Giving us more time to do other things.

So, time is precious. What can we use that extra time for? Quite frankly, in this day and age, I think most of us will think it a fallacy. Everything we do now, especially those of us getting older, seems to take longer. The theory is sound, but it is only a theory. Reality, in my humble opinion, is a lot different and the time thought to save, is used up by more time it takes to do tasks.

You all may feel differently. Everyone sees time and life differently of course. Perhaps a forceful person can reach out, grab that time and use it to advantage. Would be nice. However, I am of the other persuasion. It takes me longer to do a simple task, often needing rest after. Are you like that? The time we save in not trolling around to and around supermarkets is saved by ordering food online. This is true, but the order has to be deliberated on, decided upon. Frustration sets in and we flunk in our chairs. That is the part where time gained is lost.

So, dear people, think wisely about the time that might be gained, decide if in actual fact, you really and truly gain any mire time at all?

Take care, be safe.


5 thoughts on “First September Blog

  1. great post and lovely poem, Evelyn. A timely reminder? Time can be elastic, so why does it run and hide from us so often. I am having issues with time at the moment, you can tell…

  2. Bless. Peter Foster posted a poem this a.m.,also about the clock ticking away. We must have both had the same idea floatng through our brains. For me, tieis running too fast for what I have to get done whikst the weather is still warm-ish.

  3. Lovely poem, Evelyn! ❤️

    We are seeing signs of Fall as well but I think we will have a bit more sun than you.

    Time seems to disappear like a wisp of smoke on the wind. I can’t keep track of where it goes either.

    Yes, simple tasks take forever for me too and I’m taking on more of papa’s tasks as he loses strength, oxygen and just overall body fatigue. Every day with him is precious to me. ❤️

  4. Bless Yvonne. We had beautiful sunshine today, but we know here in UK, that autumn comes fast. Enjoy what we can for as long as we are able. A quick trip to the Post Office, daughter dropped me and hopped across the retail park to a suoermatket gir a few bits and bobs, then coffee and rest, sorting out bills etc. All takes time. But, at least The sun shone nd it was warm, no wind. Makes a change. Been looking at pencils a bit more, and will continue to do so for a while. Neve jump in, even with birthday gifts.
    Thank you for your support and Bless you and yours.
    I too am feeling somewhat weaker these days, and there is rare support from the medical profession these days either.
    Take good care.

  5. To those who support my blogs, rarer these days due to external pressures. However, I hope soon to post my next Blog. September 2017. ‘And the days dwindle down, to a precious few, September, November!’ Not quite November, yet!
    Bless you all, I appreciate your continued support.

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