Second and Late August Blog.

Second and Late August Blog.

Thin Skies.

And in August,
The sky changes
From a deep blue
Above my head.
It thins, fades,
Becomes a paler hue.
And as the month
Creeps on,
A very slight green
Favours the distant

Thin skies.
Thin cloud, thin year.

But fat budding fruits,
Plumptious nuts,
Ripe for the gather,
Harvest for mice
And squirrels, appear.

Ripeness of pumpkins,
Corn ears full and whiskery.

Apples a’plenty, pears
Juicing, madly keeping
Pace with the fast
Descending warmth,
Using the last of
Nature’s embonpoint,
Squeezing her utmost
Before autumn sets in.

Leaves starting to turn
From green to yellow/brown.

Horse Chestnuts,
All prickly,
Waiting to burst seams,
Showing a glistening
Brown nut. Conkers for games.

Rustlings on forest floors.
Bounty stored for later.

Before mellowness
Oozes away in
The blink of each eyelid.
To wither, grow brown,
Recede under the chill
Blanket of winter.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. August, 2016.

Yes, my friends, all too soon the days have sped by, on a race to take advantage of each wonderful day that passes. And we forget most goneb before, whilst wishing for the sun to shine more and more, somehow forgetting that we should try to enjoy each hour of every day, perhaps marking how we have filled those hours. Perhaps many were filled with meaningful things and maybe some were just frittered away, forgotten in Time’s proverbial race to get things done. Telephone calls, necessary evils that eat up precious minutes, or possibly en bloc, hours that have disappeared,and you wonder where all that time went to.

Then there are those who need to fill their days, fritter them away because that is all they can do to stay alive on this earthly realm?
Time used, travelling to work, used up by doctor visits, hospital appointments ( most of us have had those consumers of our precious time), dentists, hospital waiting rooms, train stations and so on.

One time waster, in particular, illness, of one kind or another. Time you knew you should be doing something productive and yet, cannot move on because, whatever sickness is holding you back, does not abate. Often, the body takes over, knows what it needs, like extra sleep. Sleep is a healer, or at least, can help with healing those sicknesses that come upon a person, totally unwittingly. It is here that sleep takes over in larger doses than one would normally expect. But all the same, it is that winged chariot you would never, under normal circumstances, give creedence to. And this, more often than not, happens to those of us getting sick in our older years.

And so August crawls along, this year, towards a warm end, somewhat making reparation for the coolness of spring.

Be careful out in this strange world of ours.



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