Third July Blog

Third July Blog


Here is the northern summer,
Yes, it is finally here.
A few days of glorious weather,
Though sometime, too hot, I fear.

We’ve waited and waited and waited,
Mid cold days and rain all through spring.
Patiently enduring the chilling,
Like Sunday church bells, for to ring.

So what do we say to the heatwave
That batters our islands just now.
We say that we like all the sunshine
But melt as we’re yoked to the plough.

Today it’s more cloudy than sunny,
Is this all the summer we get?
Make use of the short days of heatwave,
Plenty of time for more yet!

Copyright Eve.yn J. Steward. July, 2016.

Stress! Plenty of it this week. I guess we all deal with stress in different ways. Mine goes deep, but all it takes is a little spark to set me off. Not normally, just on these odd occasions that hit that spot. I expect you know what I mean? That hidden part of our psyche that explodes on rare occasions.

OK, some of us have shorter fuses than others. I like to think of myself as having a long fuse. However, my stress levels hvave been building for well over a year now, and today, all it took was someone saying the wrong thing.

The explosion does me no good whatsoever. It affects my health, and that ain’t good. I can get shaky, I can get angry. More so today, as one of my favourite and best and most difficult to ibtain paintingd had disappeared, possibly never to be found, for reasons I shall not go into. Suffice it to say that it is not where I left it. I am thruce dis-chuffed.

Then this evening,another painting was not to be found and I got really angry. However, the latter had, it appeared, been put behind something that hid it from view. No, I had not put it out of sight. The first painting, at least, I photographed, the latter, I have not had time to do so. Thus must be rectified. I am still upset at the first one’ disappearance. It was oil and cannot be repainted.

With fans going everwhere, you would think I could be cool? Nah! Sometimes, a little cooler, and sometimes a flush of heat invades my body. I guess that is the diabetes? I can blame that for lots of health problems. Not all, but lots!

Now I would be the first one to say “Let us have more summer! But please let it be the mild kind of summer that suits everyone, like say 25 Deg. C , warm, but not baking hot. OK, so that is my opinion, possibly not eveyone elses.

Of course, now I have said my piece, the cloud Will come back ( in fact, there was a tad of rain early this a.m.)
Ps. That was a few day
So, the summegr is back again today, Monday. There is. Somewyat of a breeze, which is good. Our fan downstirs has started clicking! Have no idea hy!

Enjoy your day, and keep safe.



3 thoughts on “Third July Blog

  1. I hate being too hot and really do think it’s time for UK houses to have AC, if the weather is going to be warmer as the decade goes on. I miss AC which I took for granted in the US. I cannot think straight either Evelyn and it makes everyone a bit short with each other. Calm down and take deep breaths. The poem is cool by the way 🙂

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