Second July Blog

Second July Blog

MOJO! Is there really such a commodity?

Hello everyone. Do you get that feeling that you cannot move forward, for some reason?

Does it ferl as though you are caught in quicksand? Your feet are stuck in the mud? You want to get ahead, but for some strange reason, you do not know why? Perhaps your forward momentum has disappeared? Flown the coup? Left you unable to think ahead, even? It seems also, as if you cannot go backward to retrace your steps to see what went wrong?

I have been in this place for a coupke of months.

Yes, sometimes there are reasons, reasons over which you have little control……so that even if you tried moving forwards, it would be to no avail. Your mind is stuck in a miasma. a slough of despond!

I have wanted to produce more paintings, write more blogs, but my particular glue affects my feet, brains, hands: every part of me. The membrane that holds my artistic ability is stuck utterly solid. O. K., so, if simeime ls is controlling your life,for whatever reason, then there is ore ious little you can do about it, u til that portion of your life cgnge, short term or long term, say illness, for exmple. Patience the, my friend, is certainly the virtue, it alwys ha bern. Not a thing you can do about it. Hopefully a situation that will change for the better!

So! If it is just something you cannot put you finger on, then, what is there to do about it? There ( in Shakespearian quotes) is the rub! (It is Shakespearian, isn’t it?). Oh well, perhaos the old brainbox is totally out of whack? If that be the case I have no idea, none whatsoever.

Lots will give clues as to how your MOJO can be revived, and I gues, in some cases, thes ideas may work. Quite often though, it appears, that that old adage again ‘patience is a virtue’! Once again, comes into play. Nothing for it but to stick it out, wait for some spark to kick-start, reamimate, rejuvenate that old Mojo into working for you again, in whichever way you need it.

Even poetry, something I can usually rely on, to get written pretty quickly, has passed on by. Moved somewhere else and left me behind. I know this WILL come back to me.

I will break free, rush ahead but……..two months now serms a long time. Two months where I have atruggled to produce a poem and a blog. Not the productivity I normally can find, sad to say.

Is it the temperature? Or is it that nothing much is happening in my world? Last evening, I mamaged to secure a piece of paper to my board, prior to starting a new painting. That was as far as I could go. The evening light is much too poor to work with colours. I had no design in mind. And worst of all, I had such a bad night the previous night that I had to go back to bed this morning to try to recoup some sleep, having had to get up very, very early.
I never have good nights any more, but I must have a certain amount of sleep to get through the day. So, an hour and a half later, I felt a bit perkier.

There has been some sunshine but, in late afternoon, it is that old adage of grey skies, shining at me ( rather than blue skies). For me, this is a part of how I feel. I have said it before. Grey clouds are really depressing.

Keep well, friends.



Oh, how I weep for a life of sorrow,
A cry in the mist, a love I have borrowed.
Calling the name of my dearest young fellow,
Sadly his life was taken.

I cry in the night remembering, sadly
The life that he lost, the sweet soul, badly
Lying face down. I love him madly,
Gone in the night, I was shaken.
Why he passed on I have no way of knowing,
Folly or accident? There is no way of showing.
The look in his eyes set my heart a’glowing.
As ftom my heart he was taken.
Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2016


6 thoughts on “Second July Blog

  1. Bless you Jane and thank you so much. It is an old painting, oil achieved with palette knife. You can blame Bob Ross for that. I did another this way, sort of Monument Valley type picture. Palette knife painting of those Butes gives a dramatic look.

  2. Sorry to hear about the glue, and I know how deeply depressing and frustrating it can be, as I have a similar problem. There are days when I just want to start walking and never stop, away from everything. The only thing that stops me these days, is the state of my health. Probably wouldn’t get very far!

  3. I think there may be quite a few of us, held in this miasma, though many might not admit it. Yes, I have lots of health problems, but other things that seem to block my juices. These are not going away for some time to come, sorry to say. Well, I have always been a fighter. Thank you for reading. Bless and take car.


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