Second June Blog

Second June Blog


So often we think
Of a June that is gay,
And warm with sunshine
All through each day.
Sadly the case
Is not always so,
Like curremtlyo, June,
Is not all aglow.
It’s cloudy and rainy,
Has been mostly, so far,
And dismal and gloomy,
Like olives in a jar.
Oh, tne plants outside
Are enjoying the rain,
They’ve put on a spurt,
Like a songbird’s refrain.
A plant in my garden,
I did not intend,
Like Jack’s errant beanstalk,
Way up high. It wends.
Everything has burgeoned,
It’s green all around.
Like a heavy rich blanket
It deadens much sound.
I hardly can hear
The traffic’s furrore
As branch’s thick leafiness
Becomes like a door.
If the sun does not shine
To keep winter at bay,
Then leaves will drop early
And our blanket will fade away.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2016.

It almost seems as though we have had no summer at all. A mild winte, I am happy to have but a mild summer, No! We need a hot summer, or at least a really warm one to make up for the shortness of our so called summer months.

Lots of people have, over the last few years, been coming back to holidays in our own country. For this, we need a great summer season. It is so much better for a wek or two at the seaside or in the country when the land is bathed is sunshine. Everyhere is so much better here in the UK without cool rain. Yes, I know that rain is needed too, but, for a few weeks !!!!!

Days when we can go and pick wild blackberries, white kderflowers and later on, ldetbertues. We can enjoy apples and pears from our orchards, and nuts, ripened in our sunshine. Later, children can gather horsechestnuts (conkers) with which to play the old gane of Conkers. The corn can ripen, hay can ve plucked for winter feed. So much grows within our shores, so much better when we hv beautuful mellow warm sunny days throughout our summer season.

Lots of people still go abroad, often chasing the sun. And, quite framkly, so far, I do not blame them. In fact, I envy them the strength to travel and the joy in venturing to far flung places. I used to go to far away places too. But, I was young then and my health was reasonable. At least I had good times then.

But we all, well most of us, have great times in our youth or twenties. The best times, even if is only a drive to the coast, a visit to a countr village, a fete. Out of the orinary days which,with luck, stay in our mmories as something special, but these other days fade into oblivion less than the ordinary. So much o tht we never remember them except as a block of infamousely out of the ordinary weather for the time of year.

Be careful on wet roads, grey days and stay happy.


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