First June Blog

First June Blog
Desert Tones

Distant Dunes shimmer,
Shadows fade to deep lilac
Against stunning golds,
Sands, rising.
Orangy blends of
Rocky prominencesi
Gleam a dullish red, .
Turning to burnt gold
As the sun blisters
The desert air.
Though breathing is
Hard, in this
Tumultuous heat,
Still, the desert creatures
Find ways to combat
The aweful dryness,
Even the wind sears,
Until an oasis looms.
Palms, water!
Somehere to rest,
Shady trees,
Good for camels,
Cool beneath luscious fronds.
Feeling the breeze
Fanning the leaves,
Yet, this is momentary,
A space where water
Bubbles up, allows
A stopping place,
Serenity from the
Blast furnice of
Desert heat.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2016.

I would like to talk to you today about desert colours. Colours in tube form that are on offer ( to willing buyers of art supplies) to wash the deserts of the world.

They are tempting, very. Tints of blues, like Pthalo Saffire for skies or to mix with othet hues that will change the blue to a muddier colour, with thw aid of say Indian Red Deep Red or Brown Earth.

I know that art is not on everyone’s agenda, both drawing or painting , but art, in itself is widely used to educate and adorn the human life cycle. Nor will each person know the names of the colours I mention. I understand this. So, for those who do regulaly use art in its many forms for education, enjoyment, recreation, ….. I apologise if I am talking to the converted.

Art, in other forms is used to make buildings more amenble, convert stone or metal into interesting sculpture or make the ordinary items in our lives more attractive. That tub of olives that shows off the fruit within, that is a kind of art, as are those scrummy cake boxes or the beehive on a jar of honey. These are pictures which, in times when people couk not read wll, or at all, showed off the contents of the container.

Those are all under the auspices of commercial art and life would not be the same without them. From my perspective, it is personally that that has always intrigued me from a five year old’s basic drawing of a house on a slate with chalk, to the sofistication of oils on canvas in my terns and twenties, to pastels landscaoes that I am now involved in.

I have been somewhat tardy in the last couple of weeks due to home pressures, but now I am, hopefully, ‘back in the saddle again’.

A short piece this time. The unseasonable weather this June also upsets my rhythm of life, not to mention ongiing pressures. Such, my friends, is the rhythm of my life, currently.

Be careful in forest and wave if you are on vacation. And if you are enjoying the change of seaon, do be careful.


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