Fourth May Blog

Fourth May Blog.

Elastic Time.

Oh, the days pass so swift.
And it was ever so. Time was, ionce
When we waited, and the days
Went by so slowly in winter’s
Demure path. And again we hunger for speed,
Its lonely progression, snail- like
In its trail, January to
March, April drags too,
Until finally, warm May arrives.
Yet, she passes so fast,
Where soon, June opens her arms,
Lifts the sun, then disappoints.
But wait again, my friends,
She is the harbinger of half a year.
When her time has flown, and fly
It will, wv are slipping downward,
Falling toward winter, its pace a race
Furious, hell-bent towards
A year ending. Soon, anorher
Has slipped by, almost
Without our noticing..
Time’s elasticity
Working its ethereal
Mystery, descending our live
Into the pit of immutabk time.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2016.

Flowers stretch from beneath the earth, buds grow fat, bursting into full bloom. We revel in that beauty, their charm, colour, shape, perfume. Then, all too soon, the flower fades, grows dull, withers and dies. Some forever! Others to be renewed the folliwing year when the sun is in the same quadrant.

This is the elasticity of time, for it can often oall depend on your size. A worker bee is quite small and lives only a few weeks. Humans have a range of life soan. A parrot can live for 80 years. It can, but not necessarily does. Some large tortoises can live for nearly 200 years, some cells live only a few days. So who knows? Size or what?

‘Tis said that some trees live for centuries, yet, is it sentient? Some would say no. But others disagree. There is a mushroom which seems to be very old, though the main part is underground and the myshrooms that send spores far and wide, only appear e eryyear and do not seem to have ‘roots’. They actually belong to this ancient ring that spreads year after yeat via its root system below ground.

So, what you see is not always what it appears to be. Thereh are symbiotic systems in many parts of the world where seemingly unconnected events, cause and effect, if you will, in actual fact, are very helpful to several other sytems that do not appear to be connected. Underwater ‘grasses’, fed on by snails, nourished by the salmon tne bears leave behind in the woods, which rot and fall into the streams, nouruhing the ‘grasses, which feed the snails, which feed the fry. These things are happening all over, one way or another.

Have a great Holiday Weekend.

Take good care.


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