Second May Blog

Second May Blog

Bee Thankful.

Meadows full of sweetness,
Honey on the vine,
Olden flowers swaying,
Wild blooms all the time.
Gathering the nectar,
A host of honey bees,
Pollinating blossoms,
With pollen in their knees.
Flitting through the meadow,
To visit every bloom,
Sipping nectar sweetness,
From Violet and Broom.
Dogrose and wild Daisy,
Periwinkle, Borage, Thyme,
Birdsfoot, Burdock, Balm,
All seaon, and all rhyme.
Working like a Trojan,
Each honey bee feeds the hive,
Workers in their thousands,
As long as they’re alive.
Their time on earth is little,
Queen loyalty is rife,
Until she swarms, with courtiers,
They give, each one, their life.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. May, 2016.

The Wonder of IPlayer!

We often watch trlevision, to a certain degree. Many go to work during the daytime and relax in front of the t.v. In the evenings, missing some very interesting programmes. Well, I think so. My taste, educational and amelioratory.
Iplayer is the way forward. Not new, I grant you, but very handy.

I have been catching up on a few programmes that are both fascinating and efucidatingoin many ways. Martha Kearney, I beIeve her name is.

Take the series. The Wonder. Of Bees by a lady called Martha Kearney, A journalst and presenter who has been kerping beehives for over ten years, even though she is allergic to bee stings. She has a ‘pen’ if she gets stung, and always gets ‘togged up’ fully when appriaching the hives, ( three at the start of the series). One of the hives houses ‘angry bees”, so she tells us, due posdibly to the queen, but they are the most productive of all the three hives.

We begin the seties in her moving the hives ( with help from a master apiarist) to a field owned by a neughbour who had seeded the meadow with wild flowers. She says that she wsnts a more natural honey, made by the bees feeding on the nectar and pollen from wild flowers, rather than the raoe seed in a field not far away, as they once used to do. Apparently rape seed honey does have good healthy properties. Some apiarists are now advocating ‘raw’ honey,; i.e. Hiney that has nit gibe through a pasturising process like most supermarket hineys. Incidentslky. We are told that many if these honeys are conglomerated to fit a standard taste and that their is in these pots no individual tastes.
( having recently tasted honey with pollen and wild flower raw honey, it tastes o much better. As does Manuka and these honeys reputefly have lots of healthy properties fir our bodies.)

We see the inside the hives, watch Martha learn how to locate the queen. Checking on brood cells and honey cells, making sure that there are many capped brood cells for future generations of worker bees.
Now a lot of us know a fair bit about bees, but this series gives more information, as it happens. I am not going into more about this mini series, that would not be fair if you want to watch them yourselves, via IPlayer, but it is one of those programmes that the BBC do which often has a limited audience due, in part maybe, to the time they are broadcast, but deserve a widet audience as they are interesting and very informative. We all rely on bees to pollinate crops of one kind or another or for pollination of flowers. Definitely worth a punt.

Anither series of programmes that may have fallen through the cracks or deemed not worth paying attention to, is ‘Rip Off Britain’. Again, interesting and informative. Some of the programmes in this series have given information about what goes into certain foods. Like say a product that on the label extolls the virtue of its constituant parts like say blueberries and cranberries, making you think that it is healthy and so good for you. When, if you read the label, you may find that those good things are as low as 20% or less. You really have to study the labels to check on how much of the healthy stuff is within the oroduct, and hoe much filler rubbish is put in to nake up the whole.(one part on right niw, is about orange juice ftom cincentrate/nit from concentrate etc.)

This happens to a lot of foods we purchase from the supermarket. People nowadays do not have loads of time to stand reading labels. That is a fact, where you go out to work or have children and house to look after. And in the end, the choice is yours. It depemd on what you like to eat, feed your family or can afford. There is alwys choice. it also mentions smoothies which apparently, unlesx you make them yourself from fresh fruit and veg. are not that good for you, seldom having the amount of fruit in that you would think. Anyway, it is all about gatnering information. What you do with it is up to you.

My point here is that very often, more so these days of high prices, the wool is being pulled over our eyes! Manudacturers know we do not have time to check whilst in the store, they bank on us just grabbing what tskes our fancy, what we normally purchase on a regular basis and so on. So much so that they can alter ingredients to make the product cheaper for them to produce, but still look as though they are doing us a favour.

For the healthier option to help us become healthier at the right price and taste or help us lose weight in a better way, check the labels! Eat foods that do not have too many nasty ingredients that keep us going in this perpetual circle that is destroying our bodies in so nany wys, especially those who are diabetic or have other issues that need unadulterated foods.

In my humble opinion, the average person can do this by using that well known hone help, the computer/ tablet// phone. Supermarkets are online and you can check out the contents of the regular items movung only your fingers. So that when you venture out to the supermarket/ or order online, you can then be better informed on your favourites or find alternatives. Once you sort out your regular purcheses, you will know what ingreduents there are in each item you and your family eat. It is wirth the time and effort in the long run.
No, I have not veered off my subject, just maintaining that these programmes which inform us of things that pethaps we did not know before, can help us make us our minds up on sticking to what we always buy or fimding better alternatives.

Will mention one more prigramme we have been watching in my family called ‘Big Fat Cabbies’ about men who have sedentary jobs, like driving a cab all day and how eating snack foods and being sedentary, affects their weight which has increased manyfold. One Company bosd has sent its drivers to a Gym with a trainer to help refuce their combined weights.

I am sure this medium ha many more interesting and informative orogrammes for the discerning watcher to catch up on, especially to help us be healthier.
An Adendum.
There are plenty of APPs to find out information, things like how much alcohol is in beef and wine, for instance, as well as loafd of other priducts, even chicolate where things are added, very sugary, to save on added cicoa, which us more expensive. Ars possibly, with no chocolate at all but called something like chocolaty or chocolate flavour..And so on.. We all should be watching out for these changes. They snek up on us without warning.

Take good care of yourselves.



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