Third April Blog

Third April Blog

Natural News.

Had I but heard
The songbird a’singing.
Had I listened to a robin’s chirp
In field and hedgerow nest,
Too early, the swallow to
Come flying on the wing,
I am at peace watching
The chicks of robin redbreast.

Down by the stream
Sits a warbler in tall reed,
Gathering soft linings
To cushion her eggs,
Blue and green kingfisher,
Watching for minnows,
On branches o’er streams,
With rings on his legs.

Reed Buntings sit
By ponds and ditches,
Waiting for Mayflies
Who rise in their need,
Near where the horse tail
Flails and flitches
Picking up chickweed,
And stray wind-blown seed.

Had I watched starlings,
And shared in their chatter,
Learning the gossip,
Oh then would I find,
Daily news passed
From bird, mouse and Natterjack,
All Nature’s secrets
Would fill my empty mind.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2016.

Spring, at last, is beginning to burgeon. Taken its time, that is for sure, this year.

But, at long last, some trees have a misty pale green halo about them. It was hard to tell, at first. But now, even my poor eyesight can seen the shimmer, the luminescence, if you like, an aura of the palest kind, suffusing each stark-limbed shape, like a gossamer veil casually launched into the air to fall, haphazardly over branch tips, cloaking the browns of winter limbs.

This is a time to treasure. It stays such a short few weeks. Soon, it will vanish, to become totally verdant. A veil no longer, but a shimmering gown of choicest greens. All different shades of richness. Some trees have yet to throw out buds and remain stark, bare. But not for much longer.

The Forsythia, by my dooor, so wantonly razed last summer, put out three yellow blooms. What a joy. But, a few days later, the whole bush ( or what was left of it) has become a riot of bell-shaped blossoms. My heart is filled with joy at such a return from the (almost) dead. I doubt my lilac will follow suit. They take a long time to recover from such assaults. Also the buddlea, which may recover sooner than the lilac to quell the bareness in the front.

Down the street, trees have also been de-limbed a certain amount. One right at the end becomes engorged with dark pink/red blossoms. They do not hang on long, and when they are blown from the tree or dropped, as blosoms are soon dropped, it is like red wine poured into the gutter. A spring shower will take these dyng blooms, then spill them along the street. The tree then brings forth dark wine-red leaves and that it how it enhances the ares, a different colour from all the greens. I have no idea what the tree is. It could be a Fagus Sylvatica, but really, that is me trying to locate it through Google. It does not mention blooms. So, the type of tree shall remain unknown for now.

Another tree ( of many) I like during springtime ( all year really) is the weeping willow. None nearby, but there is one close to my GPs surgery.

About three miles away, a large plot of land has been given over to a shady walk with all kinds of trees and shrubs, small ponds with waterloving plants around and in. A place to photograph and enjoy. It runs from church to theatre, in a roundabout route. Now, at this time of year, all the trees and shrubs will begin to cloak themselves ready, in a few weeks, to show off their finery. It is in an urban environment so all the more blessed for that.

This is my spring eulogy. Nothing earth-shattering. Just thoughts on what I aee around me. How I feel about a sunny spring day. Please enjoy.

Take care out in the common world.  Enjoy your family and friends.



2 thoughts on “Third April Blog

  1. Good for you, Jenanita01. I have to start another painting, but it may be more summery than spring. Not to worry, either will be a good as I can make it. Bless.

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