Fifth March Blog

Fifth March Blogn

This one will just squeeze under the wire.

Eagle Flight.

Eagle, in your element,
Flrying high in the firmament,
What do you spy, above the torrent,
With your wingspread, up aloft,
Soaring over town, forest or croft?
Piercing eyes seek hidden bounty
Rabbit, weasel in mountain or country.
Lifted on the swirling wind,
Feathers rippling, like dreams in the mind.
Crying, calling, in your mountain eyrie,
Above the treeline, snow shimmering,
Ice drops melting to streams, purging.i
Over valleys of grassy meadows,
Drifting lazily, seeking, spying.
When you come to earth, beguiling,
Talons ready, grabbing, grasping,
Will you land on tree or rock?
Ride the thermals, swiftly pouncing?
For you lare Nature’s guiding force.
Your majesty. A flighting wing.
Do you see a different world?
Lord, surveying a kingdom?

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March. 2016.

Storm Katie has hit our western shores, plunged inland across country. Brought down trees, roof tiles, blown far on treacheous winds from across the Atlantic ocean.

It is windy in London, but the sun is shining too. So I guess we are luckier than many who have borne the brunt of this storm. And I am thankful for that but sorry for anyone who has suffered because of this natural disaster.

The last day of the Easter weekend, and like most Easters, from past memories, it has been cold, partly wet and generally miserable. To most, this is not news. To most in the British Isles, it is often the case, so we grin and bear it, and let it pass on by. Perhaps this will be winter’s ‘ last hurrah’? I wonder! I hope so.

An email from a garden plant Company today, shows me a new colour in a flower I have grown before. Petunia ‘Night Sky’. Do I spend the money? They are not that expensive, even with postage. My hesitation is this. In past years, I have bern offered promotions of plug plants, thinking they would arrive when the weather is warmer.

Nada! They arrive a few days after I place the order. FAR TOO EARLY for me to kep the plants warm, to plant them in pots ( to allow snails to eat them away as an early treat!). Plus, after last years razing of everything, I will not be going out the back until it is much warmer, much calmer weather. MSo, you can see my dilemma! Buy them, risk them coming way too early for the weather, for my preparations? Or let them go, with loss of 10% discount and ior lose them to a possible sellout? A quandary indeed!

Methinks I have to let them go. They may be around in a few werks time, mightn’t they?

I hope April will become like the poet’s dream “Oh to be in England, now that April’s there”.

Be jolly, be happy be SAFE out there.


One thought on “Fifth March Blog

  1. I have given up looking at those lovely cataogues that usually turn up round about now. So many times I have spent a small fortune, only to have them killed by frost or eaten by slugs. These days, I tend to enjoy whatever grows in the garden and stop trying to get creative. I save that for the writing!

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