Third March Blog

Third March Blog


Like the falling forest tree,
Does anyone hear us,
If we shout into the void?
Does the wind stir
If we push forward
At a fast pace?
Do we move mountains,
Speak to the silent,
Touch infinity?
We would like to think so.
Would feel elated, as if
All our efforts come to fruitiion.
A goal has been met.
But, is that what we have striven for
Since we have become human?
Is this the end of our quest,
Our search for others of our kind?
Did Guillaume le Batard gaze
At the night sky and wonder
‘Is there someone out there
I need to find, to conquer?’
Did our Henry, charge through
Six women, not so much for
An heir, but for some strange
Longing he could not quite understand?
So when did this insane push
Occur? When did we need
To know what or who is out there?
And, is this what forces us
To strive, to seek more?
Is there some future, out there
In infinity, that calls us ever onward?
For if not, what is left?

Cooyright Evelyn J. Steward. March 2016.

What’s Out There?

I think we see this search for sonething more to life on this planet ias a modern feeling. But what is classed modern these days, as the years move on and our scientists and astrophysicists force technology even further across the threshold, out into the beyond?

Have our genetics reached the end? The human body seems to have come to an impasse. The length of life, this frail creature that is us, has been given, has, over many centuries, expanded manyfold. But still we are prone to diseases, illnesses that have not been illiminated. Can our human flesh be extended further without ridding the body of such frailty? I doubt our scientists can extend life until these conditions are met.

People, scientists, have made great strides in the last two centuries.

Two centuries, quite a long time, and they have made good inroads. But, little will occur, I feel, in what remains of my lifetime. So, what of the future of the 21st century? What indeed?

How do you see human life bettering itself? Will our form change dramatically? Will we, as many sci fi writers predict, become ethereal, whisps in infinity, able to transcend the boid? Or will we become staid, not moving much because we will be reying on machines, and in doing so,will we become sloths? Will the machines rake iver our live, reducing the frail human to no mire than a slave to AI.? Who, at this point in time, can tell?

Would we indeed fall into the trap we appear to be setting ourselves? Racing ahead, scientifically may sound exciting, but I see a side where, if we rely too much on machines, we will be complicit in allowing them to take us over. Quietly, slowly, we are akready heading that way. Like in the ‘Terminator’ films, at 3. 57 a.m. Machines became self aware, or like ‘The Matrix’, will we become human batteries to service those machines?

It is a thought to ponder, people. A thought to make sure we, as a race, are nit eliminated!

Be good to yourselves, but above all, be careful out there.


3 thoughts on “Third March Blog

  1. might just be too much to ponder on. I’m just grateful that whatever is in the pipeline, I should be long gone before it happens, for it’s beginning to look as though it will.

  2. As I have stated, I would like to know what the future holds for the human race, Jenanita01, for although we mostly tend to live longer now, it seems to speed through at a faster pace, or is that because I am racing ahead to a ripe old age? Bless.

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