Second March Blog

Second March Blog

Black storm.

Dark ominous clouds
Hang on the distant horizon,
Like some jade Bhudda,
In judgement of the flock.
A presentiment, foreboding,
The storm looming, waiting,
Omipresent. Ever closing the gap
Between far away, and
About to strike.
Layers of greys, almost black,
Or medium, like dirty rice.
Lightning bolts pierce
The gloom, like bright white daggers,
Tied to brilliant arcing streamers
Of hot metal, jagged. Ork
Sheet lightning, like some
Weird table cloth, showing
Up as light red or brown
Or yellow, only to die down
Back to black.
1/1000, 2/1000, so the count goes,
Until the raging sky is clear
Once more, storm passed,
Clouds dissipated, only tufts remain,
Then they too fade into evening twilight.
A lowering sun perps beneath the
Clouds layer, dispersing remaing gloom,
Higlighting trees, barns, fields
At the nd of the day.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. March 2016.

Winters End?

I have written this poem today because, though March in the UK is tantamount to almost spring, nay, some years it is spring, I think this year will be a month of changeable weather patterns. Already parts of the North have had wintry snow, a few inches derp, whereas the rest of the winter, nott so much, and very possibly somewhat warmer through the previous months.

So gardeners, bouyed by the presence of blooming spring flowers like daffodyls and narcisuss and a few others,thought they were anythng to go by. Plus the mild winter temperatures in most of the country gave us a sense that winter this year, had passed us by. It seems that Nature is full of irony. Plonks down snow when it should be nuch warmer by now, heralding spring.

I keep waiting for the mildness of spring to boost my flagging feelings of ‘when will it end’ by wishing the sun to disperse the chill. But it doesn’t!. Oh, the sun cones out quite often, but it is not that warm. chilly winds keep blowing. At least! I still feel the cold in my old bines. I cheerfully will admit that all my life I have been a cold mortal, only because we have more cold than heat, in my humble opinion.

Sure, there have eeen times when it has almost reached the top of the thermometer, in summertime, but those times are never to be relied on. Why? Because in this ‘neck of the woods’, hot summers seldom happen. A time when the temperature has been so hot that eggs can be fried on the pavement, or the local Lido has been packed out during the week, is not a common occurramce. Some summers are so cool and rainy that we feel as though we have not had a summer at all.

At the moment of finishing this blog, the sun is shining. This can and mostly does change in minutes. As I say, nore of our weather here can be relied upon to stay consistent, consustent in being changeable and cool.

Are weather patterns changing all over ( as they definitely have done in past aeons)? One might think so with cries of Global Warming being badied about!

Of course, we have surely made a difference in the last two to three hundred years with our machines: like, on a smaller scale, steam engines. But more so since the motir car and aeroplane, the factories belching out all kinds of noxious byproducts into the atmosphere. Not much, you might say. But as each country joined the race to produce more, use more items made by these machines, then the pollution has risen exponentially.

Surely, this has made a derogatory change in our invironment, globally? And, if that is the case, then add to that the various nuclear bombs and accidents ( like Chernobyl) must add to atmospheric depletion? It must make a difference, like warfare. Back in the day, arrows, Trebuchets etc. made little impact on the environment. Even canons would not have set the air on fire.

Of course, it may just be that the planet is cooling down, as it has done many times before. We will not be here to find out if there will indeed be a New Ice Age!

For what it is worth, i really do hope this winter peters out quickly. I, for one, have had quite enough of chilly sunny weather. I want warm sunshine to ease my aches and pains. I wih to be able to sit outside and paint, stare ate the birds and inaects, or just dizze in warm sunlight. Roll on the sun, goodbye to chilly light.

Take care everyone.



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