First March Blog

First March Blog.


And you, are my gentle playful lamb,
My guiding light, my lasting plan
To keep me from all harmful ways,
My succour in the passing days.
My wisdom as each hour goes by,
My lifting breeze, fly birds up high,
My butterfly with delicate wings,
My soprano voice that gently sings.
My avenue when roads are dark,
My songbird, like the sweet skylatk,
You are my soul, surviving rare,
My eternal love, my life of care,
Never leave, my gracious queen,
My life is yours, forever.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2016.

Holland. Trip. ( now of course, The Netherlands)

This always makes me think of daffodyls, narcissus and tulips, and late springtime.

Going back quite a few years ( such is the way of older people), I took a weekend trip to Holland, now called The Netherlands.

A short hop across the North Sea, flying at about 8,000 feet. You can see the waves, for it was a nice bright sunny day. Landing at Schiphol Airport, we were coached to Amsterdam. I had never travelled through a flat landscape, not at that time in my life and I found it very strange, this horizontal plain of fields. As the coach drove through farms of bulb fields, it was, for me, an unnerving sensation, flatness all around.

Many fields had already been cleared of bulbs and flowers, for this was the month of May, getting towards the end of the tulip season, but not quite. Each huge field wa bordered by a small canal, reflection the blue sky, so that even cleared fields had some colour. But the uncleared fields were a revelation. Great expanses of yellow, of red, of pink, the blue sky-reflected miini canals. What a wealth of colour, on a grand scale.

It was many years ago. Much of what we did in Amsterdam is now lost to me. But we did take an excursion on one of the big canals in Amsterdam. I still have one photograph of my mother being helped into the barge with myself just behind her. From the barge we were shown loads of houses with unusual gables. Then there was the smallest housr in the city/Holland. (Very narrow), the house where Anne Frank hid during the second World War and the Red Light district ( probably commonplace these days). The barge akso took us into a harbour where a tall ship was at anchor.

That photograph of mum and I, I think, is the only photograph I have of that trip. Such a pity because I do remember the tulips were draped around the bonnets of the cars and adorned doorways and windows in celebration of a good harvest.

We visited The Hague, which, at that time in my life, for me, was a trifle drear. Just tall buildiings, very grey. Also paid a visit to the Keukenhof Gardens. Lots of tulips and other flowers and plants. It had rained but for this place, the sun came out again. Then a drive to a famous pottery in Delft. How many of these treats are still open now to visitors, I could not say. A short trip but an interesting one. Oh, just Googled and found the Keukenhof Gardens are still going strong.

One interesting fact, at that time of 1963, we had breakfast of thin slices of Edam and Gouda cheese together with thin slices of meat sausage like Bratwurst etc. Most unusual for us English used to cereal or fried breakfast. But one thing I do have to say is that the people were all very nice, very pleasant.

The folliwing year was an even longer weekend to The Rhineland.

Be safe, be happy and smile as iften as you can. It really is better than frowning.Bless you all.


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