Fifth February Blog

Fifth February Blog.

Welcoming Spring.

Oh Spring, thy glorious triumph
When winter is chased
Away, fleeing from this
Chilled place.
Spring, hatbinger of
Bright things, of gay flowers,
Of bees and Mayflies,
Of butterlies and droning
Insects. Of soughing breezes,
Of skies so blue.
We worship your return,
We sing to your beauty,
We welcone your warm comfort.
Adore the joy you bring,
Revel in your abundance,
Dance to the tune of your returning.
Spring, Spring, ch Spring.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. February, 2016.

Last one under the wire for the month of February.

Like the rest of the winter months in my area of England, the temperatures have been cool, not really cold, though cold enough for my old body. However, it seems to have gone on for a long time. This is the fault of having a winter that is nondescript, mediocre. Neither one thing or the other! If we had had a cold winter ( comparatively speaking), then we would have noticed the differnce this recent spell of sunny days would have made. Instead, it is just another bit of sunshine that may or may not disappear later in the morning or early afternoon and the cool breeze is still blowing, so it really does not feel as though there is any change at all from what we have had for the last few months. No change or contrast. And, as prefuxte, ealy acfternoon yad brought cloud and dullnesd.

My only hope is that the sun will gradually warm up the weather, I will feel better in warmth. There will be more flowers and trees blooming and maybe my old bones will ache somewhat less. I do hate not being able to move around as I used to do. This morning, all my joints, wrists, arms legs etc. ached so much until a fise of painkillers finally gave me some surcease. I am feeling cold right now and must find something even warmer to get into for the day.

This done, I have now had a light lunch, cooked a gammon bacon joint, knitted a bit more of my latest new infinity scarf, am writin this blog. Pretty mundane stuff, you say! Yes, we all have mundane activities that have to be done. Oh, my new reel of making tape arrived this morning so now I can tap a new sheet of pastel pape onto a board, ready to start a new painting, though, as the weekend is virtually here, that might be all I will have time to accomplish. Also in the bag was a new UNISON pastel, Ocean Blue No. 2. I know I do not have this olour already as these pastels are more expensive, and I hardly own more than possibly two of them. They are one of the top names in pastels, very soft indeed. I chose this colour for work on water seas mostly. Though Zi do know one lake that is this kind of turquoise type colour.

So here is a small piece of writing, just to show that my brain is not stuffed up completely with inanities.

” Pontil gazed up at a sky streaked with red lines. An omen, for certain. Though he had no idea of its portent. Muscles on his back, shivvered in the fast waning light. It was as if an alien creature had just walked down his spine, a foot dancing on each ridge.
Uttering a uulation, he shook himself. It was an involuntary movement and he hoped it would shake away the bad feelings creeping through his soul. After all, it was just an old tale, when red lines are in the sky, capture is nigh! Pontil did not even know what it meant. The only creatures in the sky were the winged baarras, and they were small. No capture there, he thought.
Time to trot home. It was not far. His group feasted two hills away, they would soon come looking for him and, gazing up one last time, the trails were disappearing fast. Pontil decided not to tell them, unless they asked. He dug his claws into the sand and made for the first hill.”

Well, there you are!

Keep safe, have fun. Be happy.


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