Fifth January Blog.

Fifth January Blog.

Fashion or Passion.

A dress in pink,
Will make you think
Of heady days, in gay ways,
When life was young,
New songs were sung,
You were the belle
Of every ball.
Steeples rang,
With happy throngs.
Not like today
Where some wear thongs.
How fasihion changes
When we grow,
The world of change
And passions flow.
Followed by those
Who want to differ,
And pepetrated by some who suffer
For their artistic bent,
Long gowns, short sleeves,
Flapped and rent.
Colours blinding in the sun,
Or sombre tones,
Crafted by gnomes, it would seem.
Patterned and plain.
The trends of fashion,
Pushing and shoving
To be the best, that will prevail,
Skirts or harem pants,
Whatever you fancy.
As long as it covers.
Some have a passion to wear, have a ball.
But most think fashion means little at all.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. January, 2016.

I know the younger generation these days find fashion the best, mist provocative there ever was. Flaps added to a T-shirt type top, that flap down below the derriere, harem pants that flop around the ankles. Wide-leg trousers, tight tight jeans, skirts to the ground or up to the crotch. Worn in weather that is bittely cold. They little kniw or care, seemingly, that getting their legs and bottoms very cold, when young, cn lead to all kinds of oroblems with their legs and whatever in later life. They do not thiink about the future, and what stupid actions now, for the ske of fahion, can kead to a they get older, where they will then tell themselve ‘how silly I was’.

Am I wrong in thinking that the yourh of toda6’seldom think in this way? I suppose we might have been the same in our own youth, except for the fact that the much olderh ones amongst us, lived in a different time where clothing was much more repressed, more expensive, and less money was available to spend on things to wear. Not only that but uf, like myslf, you were a bit on the tubby side, you really could not buy clothes to fit, nothing fashionable at any rate. But, in hindsight, these times were a trifle dour or fashion was only for those young things who had money. I was able to nake a few of my clothes. I re ollect my teenage years as being tight skirts or full skirts where we would weat loads of flouncy petticoats , so that the skirt stood out around us, like Victorian dresses. Great for rocking and rolling, jiving and such.

Now I am nit really certain what us the fashion these days. Perhaps it is that I seldim bother to look, other than most girls and woman, myself included, misyly wear jesn or trousers. More than that, I cannot say.

If we look back at English historical dress, it is a fascinating journey. Trends have bern around forcenturies, though changes mistly occurred in mens’ fashion, it apprears to me, than with womem, and although the female changes did occurr,, dresses were still long and presumeably, got in the way, as they would today.

Of course, fashion mostly applies in temperate countries. Very hot or extremely cold, I would suggest, has its own sense of fashion, dictated by prevailing weather conditions.

I must cease now. I apologise if any typos have occurred that I have nissed in eit due to my eyes beung full of gel treatment that has yet to dissipate.

Be careful out there in thus often mad, bad, world.


5 thoughts on “Fifth January Blog.

  1. Enjoyed the poem and the fashion piece. I wonder if I am alone thinking girls today don’t seem to carry off mini’s the way we did? Legs seem to be all wrong, so many bandy and knock-kneed girls around. Hubby pointed it out. He thinks they don’t have the ‘carriage’ to carry them off. Keep well and take care of your eyes. 🙂

  2. I do try, my friend, you too! I know sometimes this is hard, and I can feel better when it is warmer outside. I can paint, enjoy the sun, move better, hopefully. Until then I am at the mercy of the NHS. So you just take things easy,relax as much a possible.
    Bless. Evely. Hugs xx

  3. Thank you Jane. He might be right, your hubby. We had high heels, you had to wlk with style with those, gave us a kind of wlk that had to be learned, a sway of the hips , like in “Some Like It Hot” the quote ‘like jello on springs’, got it righ thete, I am thinking. Gave poise too.

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