Fourth January Blog.

Fourth January Blog.

Looking at Life.

Were I a camera, I would
Blink my shutter at roving
Stars crossing the nighttime sky.
Their headlong march, and
Myriad faces, blinking back at me.
I would share their awesome
Lights, across a cavernous divide
Of deep space. Infinite, intriguing,
Mysteriously beautiful.
Earth, the one knowable life-giving
Ball of rock where self awareness, lives,k
Is but a grain of sand, a speck of dust,
Set in the outlying arms of a minor
Galaxy, rolling around an insignificant
Sun. The only planet where life is sustained.
Does this make humankind potential Gods?
We are, but a mircrobe by comparison,
Of planet rulers. Dinosauric flesh
Lived for infinitely longer, by comparison.l
Surely they were true Gods, of their era?
Their size and stature, roaming the
Continents, their flesh becoming so
Useful to this intelligent predator.
But have we learned to live well
Amongst those that survive with us?
Doubtful, to be honest!
I, the camera, would be crushed to
Learn the immutable truth.
And yet, I always knew it, deep down.
Its abiding purpose is now to conserve.
And yet, do we? Really?
My film is ending, disappearing into the void.
My Lens clicks slower,
I, the camera, fades.

Cooyright Evelyn J. Steward. 2016

How many people, in this day and age of fast work, go, go, go, on the move, or tied to a desk, a computer, game consol, think about where we come from?

Not the immediate past, for that also is not just forgotten, but seldom acknowledged, or even a couple of thousand years, to which we in Britain and Europe can attest, but the long distant past?

The past where majestic creatures roamed Earth, are those I am thinking about. O.K. Dinosaurs have been bad and good in Hollywood films. We have been fascinated by what they may have looked like, their size and various shapes. What I am talking about here is their legacy.

No, we are not directly descended from dinosaurs, ….or are we?

Not in a silly way. Where I am going with this is that, had the great dinosauric flesh not died out, would we be here today? Perhaps we would, but equally possibly we would not, not yet, maybe?

That aside, going by what is the theory that, as they died out, quickly or slowly, whichever you believe, small mammals took their place. This is now generally thought to be the way we, eventually, evolved. Whether you believe this, or not, I will go with this premis. We, as humans, were not dumped down here as we are today., so I shall also assume that better minds than mine, have agreed, that we evelved ftom ape-like creatures. Not apes themselves, for it is said that they were a different branch of the tree of life. Again, everyone has their own opinion ( like the conspiricy theory that we never went to the moon, it was all a fix up … the theory goes. Personally I do not subscribe to that particular theory),

But looking at what experts, in their field, think about the Cosmos, that life at all has to have certain conditions even to start to crawl out of the illuvial mud, we must go with their ideas that sentient life grew from cells, then ameobas in the mud. That when dinosairic flesh was eradicated, mammals took over. The Earth’s structure changed, strange animals grew, even atranger animals developed leading to humankind. That is the gist of it.

Some now say that evolution will throw us top beings aside for something even better than us, when time to evolve has taken place ( or we blow us, and or the planet to Kingdom come). You and I will never know. For life is short. We cannot see into the future. We can only look back at the past, take lessons and act on them.

But do we? Will we? Will the younger generation even serl to look at what has gone before? On todays analogy, I doubt it?

Be safe out there. Enjoy life, it is such a short space of time.



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