Third January Blog

Third January Blog.

Calm Waters, Flocking Gulls.

By the headland,
Over the tides,
Gulls flock, idly
Skimming by.
Buffeted by wind,
Lifted aloft,
Seen by farmers,
Couple in the croft.
Ducking, hovering,
Wheeling in the blue,
Diving for crabs,
Shelfish, mussel or two.
Over calm waves
On a summer’s day,
Gently lapping shores
Where children play.
Where dogs race
Across the wet sand,
And owners stroll,
Towards the headland.
Oh how peaceful,
Idyllically serene,
My favourite place,
A beach/dune scene.
Foam created
A salt water tide,
Rolling gently,
Here I will abide.
Hearing the sound
Of sea on the shore,
I could die in peace
Be part of it no more.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. January, 2016

I suppose most of us have a dream place we would like to be able to go to, even if only in our heads. Let’s face it, the majority of us have not the funds to buy a country cottage, a town apartment, a house fat away in some exotic location. Or perhaps a hilltop retreat, a fanciul outhouse in the middle of a wooded copse, a tranquil river view, a cliffop paradise.

For some, this special place would be a haven to recharge our batteries. For others, the writers aming us ( let’s face it, thete are oodles of us on FB) a place of serenity to think up our next novel, book of poems, set of articles etc. A home away from home where we can be at one with ourselves, with Nature or surrounding rooftops ( if town is your choice). Where we can leave the world and its pressures behind. For we all know that living today, in this modern electronic world we have created, full of pressures of one kind or another, Is hard.

I guess eeking out a living was never easy. I understand and concur but, todays pressures are more stressful on the mind, in my humble opinion. How many people today are suffeing from stress-related problems such as depression? More than the average person would think. Because it is a hidden’ medical problem, the vast majority do not recognise it as being a disease at all. “Oh, she is feeling a nit depressed today!” And they go on to talk about other things, as if that was an end to it. Not fully realising the depths to which the depressed can sink to, how it affects not only the sufferers, but those around or living with the sufferers

I digress.
Right, that special place could be, for some, on another world, one that had yet to be discovered. Another could dream of trundling though a mysteious Jurassic world of vicious flesh-eating dinosaurs. Not for the faint-hearted! But then, you go to that place, because it is your dream, not someone else’s.

Me? I have loads of places. Each piece of wtiting, for me, has a foorway, a toadmap, that takes me to a special place. Yes, even this blog has an ooen pathway to transport me somewhere different to where my physical body resides, whilst I am therr. Whilst writing, my mind often wanders amongst the flowers and trees that grow in this place. It shows me what creatures live here, what sounds they make, what colours they are, what places they like to inhabit. They show me routes to take and things to write about that might otherwise be hidden from my view. Such is the wealth of the imagination, my placr of my dreams.

There are good people and good things in this world. But there are also bad things and bad people. Watch your judgement, and be safe out there.


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