First January 2016 Blog


Why in capitol letters? Because I am hopeful that this new year will get a heck of a lot better than the last one. You have to be hopeful, yes? Or why go on? Trying, trying, trying!

Today, Sunday after New Year, has been a bit belter. Rain, I mean, like it belted down yesterday aftenoon.. It has poured in torrents for most of the day. What a start to a year. Yes, I know that others have been suffering rain and floods for weeks now, and I am sorry for their predicament. I would be devastated in that situation.

Starting tomorrow, getting back into the swing, big time.

Tripping Into January.

A crisp sun,
Bright as polished steel,
Shines in a fresh sky.
Shadows from dead leaves,
Still hanging tight on the bough,
Spread a pattern on the window,
White curtains reflect where breezes blow,
Shaking leaves, and a cat stalks
Across the shed, braving the weather,
The winter cold, chasing a squirrel.

Lower in a northern sky,
The light blinds eyes. We draw curtains
That we might shade that brightness,
Temporaily, that we might see a little better.
Each day, Sol rises just a little more,
The days will be longer, we will endure.

January will merge, and February,
A Roman month, will appear.
Wishing it well, we hurry
Through the days, longing,
Longing for March.

And after March, comes the
Harbinger of spring.
April. She flounces along
Bringing warmth, often sunshine
For seeds to grow,
Chicks reared, filling nests in branches.
Spring, we need her hope.
We long for her preciousness,
Guiding Northern climes
To happier times.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. January, 2016.

I need to move forward. To overcome dark days, to break out into glory, to rejuvenation, mentally, if not physically. Sux days in to this new year. It has to happen soon.

And, looking forward to spring. And spring blossoms.

Take care everyone, thus is a new beginning, a start if sonething fresh. Be safe.


9 thoughts on “First January 2016 Blog

  1. Bless Jenanita01. I surely hope so. Have goals. Dismal start, yes, I wnt to get my novel edited, published, more paintings ( miles too dark at present) am putting a short story in a competition, want to start a new book,and more.
    Thank you, Evelyn

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