Fourth and Last December Blog 2015.

Fourth, Post Christmas and LAST DAY OF THIS YEAR, December Blog.

Yes, all over, bar the shouting. I hope as many of you as possible had a lovely Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrated.

There was sickness in my home, so things were very demure, quiet, withdrawn even. But every so often, this happens. Cannot be avoided, so we go with the flow, accept things as a fete accomplie, then when over, go on our merry way.

We have watched a few films. “Jurassic World”, in our opinion, was a little underwhelming. Slow to get into the story. Less animatronics than I expected. “The earlier films had much more going for them. However, yesterday we watched The Martian”. Thought this was a great film. Wonderful colour, engaging storyline. Well worth the price. So is “Antman”, a Marvel creation. Comic touches, surprises. Again, worth it. We have more to see, when we feel inclined.

Sound boring? At my age and health, I am no partygoer. Nice food, if I want, as after New Year, I have been promised a new regime. I have to lose weight. Mine has been creeping back up. Not good for my diabetes, even though my blood sugars are often quite low. At least possibly 2 stones. Tough in winter. Quite happy to do it in summer, but I know I must lose some at least! Clothing I bought when aomewhat smaller, no longer fits me. Jeans I spent good money on, and would like to wear again I need yo fit into.

I definitely have a goal. A hard slog, because if my sugars have had a rapid drop, or even a slow one, ha!, I have to eat something sweet.

Anyone else deciding to do the perennial diet?

This year still had problems in store. My fault of course, but I should have done this, I ought to have done that, but I didn’t, so I am blaming this rotten year. GRRRRRRR!’!!!!!!!!
However, lost something in a cab, next day, oh joy, it was found. Had to brave the elements but nonetheless,hat was lost, was recovered. So pleased.

Will 2016 be any better. I sincerely hope so!

The Lowering Storm.

Oninously gathering,
Storm clouds scud along,
Bringing desolation,
Crisis, hardship, all wrong.
My soul cries to the firmament,
Cease this mental toll,
Deliver me to solace,
Wrenching my weary soul.
Tug it from oblivion,
End this emptiness,
Split the clouds asunder,
Drag me from duress.
I am the weary traveler,
The bearer of my pain,
Let the light of healing
Drive it far again.
And in my lonesone heartbeat
Seeps in comfort this way,
Piercing the storm cloud about me,
Leading me from this painful day.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2015, end days.

Take care at this last Festive Day. Thank you for reading my Blogs.




5 thoughts on “Fourth and Last December Blog 2015.

  1. ‘The lowering storm’ has descended here too, and not sure what will happen yet. Not a situation I am familiar with, so it can depart as quickly as it arrived!
    Best wishes for 2016…

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