Third December Blog

Third December Blog.

Not many this month. Too much to do. Too much happening. Weather pretty boring, not one thing or another in my area, which can be good. Though it does apoear to fe slightly spitting uoutside now.

So is getting shopping sorted out. Making dertain we have enough of the basics so that we do not run out and have to scrabble in the madnesd to replace. I do have an organising streak, hidden a lot of the time, but that rises to,the surface in times of valuable need.

I hope that most of you are pretty well organsed, like a military campaign. Have to be, or all becomes chaos. And some people love to live chaotically. Maybe not so many as like to be organised at this time of year. But like Bob Cratchet, he and his family had to be organised so that their meagre Celebration went as well as possible.

Seasonal Joys.

Deck the halls and homes with holly,
Tinsel trees and Santas, jolly.
Trudging home with bags a’laden,
Vegetables and turkeys, to our havens.
Presents, gift wrap, baubles plenty,
Garlands dangling, oh, what bounty.
Mince pies, whisky, port so merry,
In the pud goes sunshine sherry.
For the fellas, beer and wine
Supping glass at dinnertime.
Christmas pudding, cream and trifle,
Little Timmy wants a rifle.
Santa, is he PC these days?
Do boys hanker, guns to play?
Do girls really want a dolly?
Cooking kitchen, costing lolly.
Is it all now playing XBox?
Lads recieving Seasonal sox.
Slippers for your Uncle Esra,
Smellies For Aunt Dee at Bethesda.
Got to get those gifts in wrapping,
Cat grabs garland, toes are tapping.
Halfway up the tree, he’s climbing,
Not a word for this that’s rhyming.
So we’re on our Christmas journey,
Next year, off to where it’s burny.

Tra la la la la, tra la, la, laaaaa!

Cooyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2015.

Have a safe Christmas, be joyful, be kind to each other.



2 thoughts on “Third December Blog

  1. Thank you Jenanita01″. Having bad health probs right now and coughing fits day and night. It is that time if year, isn’t it? I wish you speedy health return, and enjoy the seaon, as much a you can. Bless you for all your lovely comments through the year. I also wish you Fortitude in the weeks to come.

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