Second December Blog

Second December Blog.


‘Tis the season
For winds to blow,
For darker mornings,
And tales of woe.

Of rain and water,
Banks overflowing,
Sweeping torrents,
Seasonal lights glowing.

Rivers rushing
Down the streets,
The gushing river
Goes flowing, replete.

In rainy weather.
Seeping under
The closed front door,
Whoa! Crack of thunder.

No time for sandbags
On the floor. Sofgy
Mats and furniture
Doggy paws, and all verdure.

Carpets wet
In shop floor fronts,
Damp electrics,
On. Danger, bent.

Will the deluge
Never cease?
So we can sleep
In bed, in peace.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2015.

I am sorry for all those affected by floods. Terrible at any time. Even worse when Christmas is looming just around the corner.

Dampness all around, it seems. What more can I say, other than I wish a speedy return to normal to all those affected.

Be as safe ad you can.



2 thoughts on “Second December Blog

  1. Really sets the tone for December. The weather is also atrocious where I live, in rural Ireland. It seems the old year is putting up a fight. My posts are also inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature in all her forms.

    • Bless you Fiona. At these times, zi deel so lucky to be living in my part if West London. High ground, though it looks flat, about five miles west the motorway drops steeply so any flood we might have ( say uf the Londin floid barrier breaks down) would run off. I often wonder about Ireland. You get so much rain off the Atlantic there. Thank you for reading and following my blog. I hope you enjoy reading back blogs and my future blogs to come.
      Just a plug, I have become an illustrator, six were published out of the seven. The book of poems is by Neil Wilson and is called “Pithy and Other Paraphenalia.
      Take care, Bless.

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