First December Blog

First December Blog.


In the bleak midwinter,
Or so the carol tells,
But times have changed
And not so bleak,
And not so many bells.

Written by Christina Rosetti,
An English Victorian gal,
Who included this poem
In Poetical Works,
Before 1872, for Regale.

Lots of carols were written
In 1800s around,
Were people more pious?
Were winters so bleak?
Was there always snow on the ground?

Or were writers just more poetic,
One hundred years or more will pass by
With wonderous things to beguile
Man, woman and boy, had little to do,
So the winters were more of a trial.

Today there are sports and cinemas,
And of course, the Internet sings
Each day we’re awake,
What pleasures we take
For enjoyment, and all of those things.

So sing well, my jolly people,
The Carols we all know so well,
The Holly and the Ivy,
Or Rudolph’s red nose,
Or Joy Unto All, Ring The Bells.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. December, 2015.

Some love it, some dread it. Yes, that time of the year has come around again, most of us are eulogising over the Holiday to come.

I know I may be a tad early, but no use leaving everything to the last minute. I do not have family coming over any more. I do not have pets to worry about and make sure all their food and accesories are bought and stored.

What I fo have to sort out, like most, are getting Christmas cards written and sent, especially those Overseas. There is also food to be listed, thought about, ordered, if like us, you have it delivered ( gone are the days stood waiting at the checkout for two hours whilst your ice cubes drip drip in the trolley over the cold goodd you bought the ice for, to keep everything cold). The agonising standing whist other trolley pushers, overloaded, push past you in your neverending queue line, halfway down an aisle.

For those of us lucky enough to live in a town where stores deliver your goods ( for a price) , it is so much simpler. Oh, you will always want to browse for cheeses or extra nice ham, or some tipple your particular store does not stock. This is a given. But it is not the main hassle. This has all been completed early. The odds and ends are at a more leisurely pace so that when completed, you have more time to rest, your feet do not hurt as much and you deserve a pat on the back for being well organised.

My cards are almost written. My problem is that the envelopes are mostly red. Black ink does NOT show up well on red paper. For the machines at the Post Offices and the delivery guys to be able oto clearly read who the cards are going to, I need sticky white labels. I bought some last year, I bought some more earlier this year, have no clue where they might be after the sort out!

Gift wrapping I am beginning to despise. Often items are peculiar shapes. No nice oblong/rectangular boxes or square shaped. Much easier to wrap up. No, jars, bottles, not good. Luckily, I no longer have toys to wrap. A blessing, if ever there was one.

Happiness and disappointments. That is what it comes down to.

So, my friends, this will not be my last missive this month, so wishes will come later.

Be careful, be safe, watch for those colds and flu.


4 thoughts on “First December Blog

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  2. Glad to hear you are all set for the festive season, Evelyn. I think I read somewhere last week that your garden was razed? If this was you, that must have been horrible, but knowing Mother Nature, she will endeavour to replace whatever she can…

  3. Thank you Jenanita01″ yes, we now have lights, twisted in a sor if star shape. Batteru opd. And white or coloured in same string, choose and change, great idea. Alo woodrn housr, lit up and insud ftont at to houses, a tree, fence and lamp stand againsy a starty sky backdrop. Very pretty. No tree, no space, we d0 have last years reindeer and trees all lit but they are not yet up. Yes, To coin a phrase, Christmas is a’coming, Christmadps is a’coiming!
    Yes, bith back and frint were razed. People complained and as it is rented property, I had no choice. Fetying too old and disabled now to deal with trees and shrubs that keep growing. But, you air correct, things will grow again. Hopefully.

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