Nous sommes Paris

With tears for the families of killed, injured and this who eill suffer mental stress because of this atricity.

The Silent Eye

‘I want to believe we’re not going to live in a world of fear.’Dr Louise Hefez. Eyewitness.

Like so many others today, I wait for news from Paris. Not the impersonal horror of announcements in the media, but the email to reassure that amongst the dead and injured of this atrocity are not those I have called friend or family.

I lived, laughed and loved in Paris. I worked and played there. Married. For many years I was known as Madame Verron. My sons are half French, their father a Parisian and I have called friend those of every faith and nation encountered in the City of Light.

Friendship does not discriminate.

Neither do bullets. Nor do bombs.

Nor should we.

There are over two million people living in Paris. It is statistically unlikely that anyone I know has been involved. It came closer with Charlie Hebdo… Even so…

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