Second November Blog


Second November Blog.

Bonfire Night.

With the first and second days of November, we got fog. Since then, the days have been somewhat dank. And after today, November 5th, Guy Fawkes Night (Remembrance of The Gunpowder Plot), with peope all over the country lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks, we will probably have a foggy morning again tomorrow.

I had forgotten how fast the days slip by. No wonder I hear music and thrumming through the walls. Wondered why it was coming through on a Thursday? Now it makes sense. A good thing I no longer have any animals to be scared.

That was always a problem, back in the day. How to keep dogs and cats pacified around this time of year. Quite often, Diwali is celebrated in my neck of the woods.n this means double fireworks going off. Pehaps it is a bit later this year? Google says 10/11 November, so, to come!

So for those who do not live and were not brought up in England, the old saying is :
Please to remember the fifth of Novmber a gunpowder, treaon and plot,
I see no reason why gunpowder treaon should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspiritors disagreed with Parliament, stashing barrels of gunpowder in the vaults of the Houses of Parliament in the 1600s. They were found out, and arrested. This is what is celebrated. An effigy of Guy Fawkes every fifth Of Nivember 1605. Over 400 years since that time.
( Not so many fireworks, nit enough bonfires to cause fog, makes a change, but then it was yesterday,and is today, very wet. I guess the displays will be tomorrow, Saturday).

Talking about time, I love to watch t.v. Programmes about historical things of many kinds. Tonights programme dealt with a virtual autopsy of Tutenkhamun. Hiw old he was when he died, what killed him. Refuting ( or itherwise) myths if him being killed by someone.

Like in Jurassic Park, yjey can now retrieve DNA and Mitracondial DNA to check his parents and his mother’s line. Now ain’t that just dandy? Art mirroring life, it would seem. Anyway, it was refuted by a doctor that he was hit on the head. This, he sid, wa because skull bone fragments were loose insude the skull, not set in the mummification process ( see, I do learn a few things) but that they happened Post Mortem.

The presenter told of the ( horror, horror) suster/brother relationship of Tutenkhamub’s parents ( and those gone before, like we all knew). And a mummy called ‘The Young Woman’ was in fact, his mothet but lso his father’s sister. All thus has acfascunation for me. Love all the old Egyptian stuff.

What it doe mention is that Tut had a club foot, probably in the Family genes. It also says that he suffered from Epilepsy, which would cause a lot of things to go wtong with his body, which in turn would kill him wuickly vua infection setting in. In another orogramme some time ago, it was said that his fathet, Akhenaten, suffered from Marfan’s Disease, which elongates the bones, also killing early.. Of course, being born of incest makes him liable for all kinds of diseases.

Sunrise River

Alongside a pulsing river,
Flushing, in dawn’s early light,
Darkened mountains, rise majestic,
Chasing away the starry night.
Swiftly flowing. On she travels,
Rushing fast to meet her fate,
Through the valley, on she suffers,
Ebbing tidal, accentuate.
Pine trees cling along her edges,
Banks of grasses, bushes, lie,
On the far side, rocky steepness,
Where great thunderbirds do fly.
In the golden sunrise glory
Pinks and yellows do abound,
Scarlet flurries, ‘neath dark shadows,
Clouds of darkness o’er the ground.
As the light flows over water,
Giving succour to us all,
Gently does the sun enhance her,
It is her way, her clarion call.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. November, 2015.

Be extra safe out there these dark says.



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