First November Blog


First November Blog.

OK, so the picture is not Nocember, or even in England, but is my latest pastel painting.

In my neck of the ‘ proverbial’ woods, November, and autumn, has come in with a vengeance. Fog greeted us here this morning. Not a pea-souper, I grant you, but fairly thick. This often happens after Bonfire Night ( 5th November, gunpowder, treason and plot), and I also grant you that, it being Hallowern last night and a few fireworks were going off, though not many, and we almost always get some fog the morning after fireworks have been ignighted, there were not that many fireworks to warrant this amount of fog. Ergo, it must just be a natural occurance!

The Year in Seasons.

Cold January, fur boots,
Warm coats and snuggly mittens.
Little children, toasty in anoracks,,
Wellingtons on, to step in icy puddles.
Laughing, scampering,
Happy to be free,
Picking up sticks,
Winter’s debris.
Snow fallng softly,
Falling on noses,
Shrieking young voices,
Join in the throng.

But February comes, brings
More icy blasting,
Until March cometh, birds chirping.
Sunshine gleams higher, each day getting longer,
Snowdrops have opened, now crocuses shine.
April and May are months that are welcoming,
Spring is upon us,
Daffodyls and tulips,
All dancing in the breeze.

Summer in meadows, green corn arising,
Blossom on trees, pink and iwhite.
Babies are birthing as daises grow higher,
Poppies, deep red, cormflowers gay,
Islands of colour as wheat grows much higher,
Thistles of purple, beside blackberry flowers,
Bees buzzing gaily,
Working all day.
Pollination, food
For the Nation,
As only they may.

Harvest in August, when corn is ripening,
Noisy machines, the work easy now.
Cutters and catchers, leave only the stubble,
Rooks descend to pluck lost seeds,
Ducks flying low,seeing a free meal,
Land in a flock and gather what they can.
Dovecotes empty,
They hurry for their share.
Apples are ready
To pick for a Treat.

Now we are back to Fallen leaves,
Cooler days, autumnal ways,
Sunshine shorter in the day,
Closing down, leaf litter brown,
Soon to be part of forest and ground,
Frost riming branches,
Waiting for snow, which may or not come,
Choosing holiday decor,
Liguts all a’glowing,
When outside it’s snowing.
Children out playing,
Gifts aplenty,
And so to a New Year.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. November, 2015.

Hello everyone, I know I have already posted this poem, but some of you dear kind people may not have seen it. Just thought a year round up was the way to go at the time of composing. It is strange how something just comes into one’s head!

Quite a few writers here choose Romance, as their subject. I too have chosen to do the same. And yes, I know I have prevaticated, I have not still gone into the huge job of trying to get at my work from the old computer. This does grate on my mind, but it has been, in some bad ways, a tumultuous year. Not yet over, by any means. So, until that time, I shall continue to write poetry, my blog, and do my art – in the shape of pastel painting through the winter and water-colours to be added when the weather is better.

Nothing ever goes smoothly!!!! This morning, turned on the microwave. Big Bang and Flash! Tried the fuse. Nada! So, after several years, I now have to get a new microwave machine. It does stirling work in this house. Whereas I do not exactly cook meals in it, as I know some can ( not meaning the packet meals from the supermarket, but proper meals) it is used a lot for heating milk for coffee, my porridge most mornings and steaming vegetables. It is a machine we cannot do without, without putting me under further stress. I do not need more.

So, any time soon, we ( ‘er indoors and I ) will discuss going about getting a new one. Which make, price, where from to buy. To order for delivery or go out and lug???

OK, so we niw have a new microwave. Not happy, it has a navy blue interior. Shows up nothing. Can hardly see anything going round. Being over half blind, I need to watch things in case they boil over, too late to take back. Stuck with it. And it does not seem to heat as well, even though it is 800, same as defunct one. I could say a rude word here, but will refrain.

What are these manufacturers thinking? Are they so fashion conscious that they forget some, yea, lots, of people buying their product may have sight problems? Or are the disabled, yet again, discounted???

Had I lknow beforehand, it had a datk interior, i would have looked for another model or another make. Hmmmm!!!!! ( Mini rant here.)
Norse November

When the month begins its turn
And grey days fashion life,
With cooler winds seeping the cracks,
And shivers give you strife.
Yellow leaves and brown ones too
Come skittering to the ground,
And temperatures sharply drop at night,
Its scarves and thick coats all around.
Rainy days, all dripping drops,
That down your neck descend,
And hats that blow from off your head,
With wellies, onwhich you depend.
Then mists arise on mornings dull,
Collars raised up high,
Then this is our November month,
With gloomy darkened sky.
The cold sinks down from Northern Climes,
With Arctic pressing strong,
How did those Ancient Norsemen, bold,
Survive the cold so long?

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. November, 2015.

Be careful as you tread your way, along the busy roads and streets, or wherever you may be.



2 thoughts on “First November Blog

  1. I have the same problem with some TV programmes. Why do they have to be so dark? I am sure we would get the idea of it being late in the day, so why not let us see what’s going on?

  2. Oh, dark t.v. Progs. Like Hannibal, The Walking Dead and so on, love ’em. Sorry, that is how we are in thus family. But I know sone people do nit like ths kind of thing, but then again, I do not like soaps. any more, too trite, stupid too. But my tastes are varied.
    Thank you for reading. Bless.

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