Sixth October Blog


Sixth October Blog

Friday Blues

A long long week is closing,
I feel hung out to dry,
Lost in time’s miasma,
From my lips, the solace of sigh.

A tiring force has grasped me,
A weakening of the soul,
Temperate though the weather,
Weak as a new-born foal.

If I could be bothered somehow,
The tears would flow from my eyes,
Streaming melancholy daydreams
And longing for some reprise.

The blues keep hanging around me,
For I am easily led
Into an habitual abyss
Of stride, turmoil and dread.

Never a sunbeam shines on me
In this, the eternal grey murk,
No brightness to seek and deter me,
No happiness for me to perk.

I seek a new great adventure,
One to depress all my gloom,
To lift me up in cloud heaven
Dragging me from darkness and doom.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2015.

OK, Saturday. Drizzly, melancholy, gloomy weather. Like that song, ‘Gloomy Monday’ ( it was Monday, wasn”t it?). Anyway, going out earli-ish this a.m. was like autumn here usually is. Like “Fletcher”, in the old series ‘Porridge’, grey, grimy, lumpy and lukewarm. Typical English weather at this time of year.

So, on to writing. Have been reading posts where an author tells that her characters are telling a different story to the one she mapped out. Do many writers here have characters that take over a plot, causing the writer to rethink what they have to write? Can’t say it has happened that way to me. Not as strongly. I feel my characters leaning on me a bit, at times, but not forcefully.y

Perhaps my characters are less strong, perhaps I am the stronger, and they know this, and keep shtum to a certain extent, feeling I might succumb to less stringent cries? Who can tell? I mean, you, the writer, must start the ball rolling by having an idea in mind, in the first place, ergo, also picking characters with certain traits, certain weaknesses. Have to have both for balance. And also, the plot may develop because if these traits, together with unavoidable conditions, lead in specific directions, is it wisr to change the plot accordingly! Can then the characters put their stamp on the plot in this way? Who can tell! Rightly ir wrongly, it appears to be a fact that one may influence the other.

I wish all to have the characters they desire, or the plot subdued by thw writer’s intentions. Either way, get lucky, get creative and get their ‘juices’ flowing. Whichever the case, I wish you all strength to persevere.

Keep safe out there”



6 thoughts on “Sixth October Blog

  1. Beautiful poem and drawing. Love them. I am not leaned on by my characters Evelyn. I just sit ad write and it comes out. I am not one of those writers who ponders their writing so deeply or analyses it at all. I get a vague idea and a title and an end and then off I go. Boring I know, but it works for me. 🙂

  2. I am glad Jane. Lots of people said their characters hel them to ransom for the writer to change the story. Mine are not bullies. You are lucky that you can just get going. I suppose my paintings are like that, mostly. None today. Too busy to spare a whole hour or so. Perhaps tomorrow. I have to make up a board first. Takes time.
    Thank you go reading and commenting.
    Bless, Evelym.

  3. You are a wordsmith Evelyn. I am feeling like you describe but mostly to do with my high neck problem causing me all kinds of problems and stopping me from writing and painting. Is that another of your paintings too?
    I think all my characters take control….I think they know it all before I do.

  4. Thank you Daisydown and Bless. I have neck, shoulder, back, hips, knees, legs and ankles pain, ley alobe other stuff. Have acupuncture for the high neck at the monent.
    Yes, that is an older painting of mine. Going to put a ‘waves’ sketch up shortly so keep an eye open. And it is only just a SKETCH. Sometimes my ailments stop me too.

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