Fifth October Blog


Fifth October Blog.


Rough mountains,
Jagged fingers seeking
Wistfful clouds hanging by,
Crumbling, down – sloping,
Reaching below to
Beautious valley rocks.
To pastures where sheep
Graze, cows laze
And marsh-flies daze.
Where willows droop
In laguid pools,
Fish gulp to catch
Fast Mayflys in aeriel
Jutting peaks,
Lonesome, austere,
Stalwart bastions
Of the scenic year.
Winter snows, bleak,
Find crevices to hide,
To seek.
Oh tell me tales
Of bygone days,
You who have stood
Time’s chariot,
Galloping toward
The infinite apocalyps.
We salute your cragginess,
Are humbled by your eternity.

Cooyright Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2015.

This last week or so has not been easy. Health issues, culminating in a sore throat and then chest infection.

Feeling unwell has taken all my energy. Even drawing has been temporarily dopped from my scheule, sadly. Though, I have managed to watch quite a few Youtube demos on pastels, water-colours and, more excitingly, Pan Pastels, a form of pastel work until recently, unknown to me. So my mInd has been occupied, if my hands have not.

These demonstrations by professional artists/teachers are very useful in showing the amateur how to paint/draw the somewhat harder subjects, like sea, clouds, distance, combinations of.

As yet, these pictures they produced are only in my head. But that is good enough to start with. I can always go back to the Youtube Demo and look again.

There are tips and tricks which can be very useful. OK, OK, it isn’t writing again, I know, but some of you might find these things of interest, even if not an artist, nice to see!

Some artists, dependng on the paper they use, will do a water-colour base before adding pastels on top. Others, I have seen, with lay down a base of alcohol over pastel, then will complete the picture with pastels, but I have only seen that on UArt paper ( which, depending the grade of UArt paper used, cn be like rough sandpaper), see, I am learning new things, new techniques, should I wish to go that route.

As my previous use of pastels was animal heads, flowers and Still Life, landscapes are fairly new to me as a pastel medium. I need to learn all the techniques I can so that I can produce reasonable works.

Be good to yourselves, and take care.



2 thoughts on “Fifth October Blog

  1. I have learned some very useful stuff on YouTube, but never thought about art. I am one of those peculiar people who learn better by watching, you could explain something to me at length and I probably wouldn’t get it!

  2. Never mind Jenanita01, Youtube is there for sll kinds of things. Watched most anothet pastel demo today. A lady teachet, US, who put red in the sky., as a base and purple on a barn door in the shade and dark blue as a base fir tall trees. Had to stop, then lost it but will go in again and ser the end. Most informative. E eryome is different.

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