Fourth October Blog


Fourth October Blog.

Winter’s Song.

Turning leaves, yellow to gold,
Orange, red, colours so bold,
Ushering in the cool time of year,
Carpet the ground, frost soon, I fear.
These are the portents,
This is the way,
Seasonal changes,
Shortening days.

Gathering harvest, pumpkins all ripe,
Apples and green pears, such a delight!
Gathering wood for firelight’s gleam,
Woodsmoke is curling, autumnal scene.
Winter’s coming,
Overcoats, don,
Warm woolly boots,
Be quick, put them on.

Cooking hot dishes, to warm us right through,
Roasting of meats for me and for you.
Hot cherry pie, or rhubarb or apple,
Tasting and testing, with cooking we dabble.
These are the joys,
Coming together,
Laughing and talking
Whatever the weather.

Crisp chilly nights, bright stars in the sky,
Pinpoints of light when nighttime is nigh.
Bare branches brittle as winter comes near,
Some want the snowtime to reappear.
Jolly times,
We sit by the fire,
Enjoying the tales told,
Of which we never tire.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2015.

A busy week for me, nothing horrendous, just everyday things that get in the way of artistic pursuances. Life that always gets in the way of what we really want to do with our lives, most of us anyway.

So, I make no bones about this being a short post. I have to fit my artistic dabbling into a full life of humdrum nonentities. We all do this from time to time. Shopping has to be collected or ordered in, deciding what we need to fill a few days. Appointments to keep, whether they be tor the sake of our health, taking a Pet to the Vet. Visiting aunties, picking up children from school and a hundred thousand other things that eat at our time.

Have a great day, be very careful. Accidents easily happen.



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