Second October Blog


Second October Blog.

For those who are artistically inclined today.

Some pastels did finally artive this a.m., 2nd class post. So I think I should be grateful they did not take longer!

I am also waiting on a few more, more colours. And yet,still, I do not have enough colours to draw all the landscapes I want to tackle, before the weather sets in and I am reduced to hugging the fire.

I seldom used pastels for landscapes, until now. So this is all new territory for me, in this medium. Oils, pencils, now water-colour, but not chalk pastels. I stipulate Chalk because there are Oil Pastels available, but I have never tried them. And, like Acryllics, would not know how to go about using them without a great deal of studying. At my time of life, TIME is short, energy even shorter, so I will stick with what I am somewhat conversant with, i.e. chalk pastels.

This is a medium whereby I can ‘layer’ the colours, similar to how I used oils. This is what I know! This is what I am, and have been, used to working with for decades. Why change the habits of a lifetime if you feel there is not enough time or energy to learn too many techniques. A few at a time now becomes my motto.

The abiding factor also is, the cost. I had sets of very old pastels, to make a start with. Not many colours, I grant you, but enough to lay a foundation, to sketch out the drawing and lay down colour bases.

So far, I am happy. However, as usual, I have nowhere near enough colours to satisfy my urge to render a lifelike ( or likeable ) picture, ( this current picture, that is). I have said I will do another picture of a photograph an I ter et friend has kindly allowed. This means a heck of a lot more different greens, to start with. The plot, as they say, thickens!
I am expecting another order, possibly tomorrow. Even so…….! Still need more lavendars/lilacs for distant landmarks ( mountain, crevices, rolling landscape etc., ). Be that as it may, there are also all kinds of for and middle ground colours. I can make do, at a pinch, but prefer to have a choice of colours a, unlike water-colour, the basics are not really mixable, only top layers can create depth with different shades.

I am in the process of drawing/painting a pastel piece, first in many a year. It is a landscape, from a Youtube Tutorial, so, not my own design. Only a WIP at present, so nowhere near completed. I have laid out the baic olour and structure, as near ad I can remember it. There will be lots wrong with it, of course, but handling the materials, which have changed over the years to a certain extent, only comes back with practise. Early stages, and, I, by no means, have all the colours the professional artist on Youtube used. In fact, the tutorial had no verbal infirmation and it was filmed in fast motion, or speeded up. This made it very watchable as the picture came to life within about ten miinutes, but because of this, one had to guess about colours, techniques etc.

However, I liked the colours and subject, distant ( lilac) granite outcrops, middle ground, an old mis-shapen tree, and dry grasses foreground where the sunshine caught the tips of the grasses. As I have not finished yet, I will post as is for the time being, to go with this blog. But there is much more to be done with shading and enhancing of light tones.

I apologise that this has nothing to do with writing, or does it? I have always thought that writing is just ‘painting’ in words. That is my take on it. I have written the poem below on the basis of the WIP picture above.
Rainbows of The Mind.

I touch the grey, a papery screen,
Lilac, lavendar, distant scene.
Catching raw sunlight, golden, like wheat,
Oozing from parched earth, and dust at my feet.
Ochres, earth tints, browns, different hues,
Parched straw-like grasses, paying their dues.
Ancient and leaning, a bare-limbed brown tree,
Standing the dryness, the edge of the scree.
Shadows of sparce leaves hang in the breeze,
Waving, gently, olivian petals, like a Roman frieze.
Pastel rocks gleaming as sunshine hits home,
Out in the scrubland, under pale blue sky dome.
Catching the brightness, the heat penetrates,
Where lizard and rabbit and gopher debates.
Peaceful, quiet, lonely, serene,
This is the painting, the scene of my dream.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2015.
Enjoy your days, my friends, be safe out there.



5 thoughts on “Second October Blog

  1. Lovely poem and description of getting your pastels Evelyn. You are so talented, drawing and poetry and writing. Such a combination. Thanks for sharing with me and everyone. So enjoyable. 🙂

  2. Bless you Jane. As a family, art wnt in and out, deoending who. My brother was very, very god a pastel portraits of older M. P.s. Also animals. There is music in the family too. My dad played a wind instrument in a Silver Band. My brother played an accordian, possibly Piano. Dgtr and I played violin at school, nephew was leatning piano-type. So, all stems.
    Thank you again. More news on next project, possibly your wlk by the river.

    • Hi janeyunker, thank you fir reading and commenting. I have, in my time, taught seniors, and it isn’t do much about creating a picture, as the drawing, doing of it where the enjoyment first comes in. Pastels are quite forgiving. Bless you. One day, do try.

  3. I wish I could create visual art. Have always wanted to be able to draw. Perhaps one day I’ll take a class. For now, I will have to create all my art through words. Nice job!

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