Sixth September Blog


Sixth September Blog.

Northern Climes.

The sun slides in low, lighting the morning sky.
This is autumn. Our warming orb sinks
Southwards as winter draws closer.
We are further north than many know,
Almost to the edge of the Arctic Circle.
Sun travels further south each day
Until, just before Christmas, The Shortest Day.h
Sunlight grows less. Days become colder.
North finds itself gripped in chilly hoar frost.
Leaves, once vibrant and green, fall in a
Haze of yellows and browns, carpeting the earth.
South, and snow is rare. Midlands and North
Are tainted with the white. Icy on the mountains.
Such is England in winter.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. September, 2015.

I pen this blog on the second in a row, of a glorious looking Mid -September day. Without seeming a Job’s Comforter, I do mention that long range, squalls are headed in our direction from the west. The Atlantic, to be precise. Now, where I live, this weather system has quite a way to travel from the west coast of Cornwall/Wiltshire and all points along that coastline. So there is a possibility that by the time the Front reaches my area, it could well have disappeared altogether, or not, as the case may be. So, I am ever hopeful. Like Mr Micauber!

What has taken my attention today are paints. Yes, I know, maybe few of you are interested in art, in many of its forms. But this, for me, is a delightful occupation to help pass an hour or so. Looking at colours: finding that I can get smaller size water-colour tubes for less money. This, in effect, means I can have almost twice as many colours for a similar price, to try.

Of course, I can mix up many colours, but, as I recently pointed out to nearest and dearest, to mix an exact colour twice ( when using washes where not enough may be mixed first time around) is extremely difficult in this medium. So some colours need to be taken from pan/half pan/tube, as is.

I am not actually buying today. Just choosing colours. Deciding which is more useful, which colour I will use more often and so is worth spending on. This is the exercise for today. Unfortunately, most, but ot ALL the colours in the larger tubes, are available in the smaller tubes. Why that is, I have no idea. Still and all, for me, it is a pleasant occupation, when I have time. Few more minutes and I must set myself to the next lot of tasks.

My Art.

The sky, a pale cerulean. In far horizon yonder.
Leans above in light ultra marine, a thing of joy and wonder.
Distant trees, like shadows grey, or pastel lilac/green,
Middle distance, olive light, to set a country scene.
Foreground greens of yellow/ gold, with shaded branches deep
And deeper dark the shallow spots where swaying willows weep.
Yellow green, the grasses grow in sunlit meadows, by,
Where earthy patches sienna shade, will dye to umber nigh.
Rich browns, hues of tiger’s eye, of manganese as well,
To white and black sheep grazing in a leafy glade or dell.
These are for my paintings, my colours gay and bright
Are joyous to my senses, for me a aheer delight.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. September, 2015.

I apologise if art is not your thing , but there is colour all around to lift the soul, even in the city, if that is where you be. Take very good care.


2 thoughts on “Sixth September Blog

  1. Well, I am glad I have passed on the urge, Jenanita01 but you must realise that I am totally retired, disabled as well, so I have time. I would have even more time if I was not on the Internet so much. When I get my novel from the defunct computer, then more time will have to be allotted to that temporarily. Bless you for reading and commenting. Thank you,I appreciate your favour.
    Ps. It is always a thought, if you can leave paper and paints ready to go, to just find a few minutes here and there to just drop other stuff and do a few brush strokes. But you know your time allowance. E.

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