Fourth Septembet Blog


Fourth September Blog.

One of the goups I belong to has been running a day where members can post two lines to initiate a story/book, kpifor comnents.
The point I want to post here is how would everyone feel if they were to post two lines in this way?
Would you find it helpful to have others make comnents? Would these two lines inhibit your creativity?
Some replies preferred short, sharp sentences, others did not like highly descriptive lines that tried to tell more of the book by using many comnas, semi-colons etc.

Personally, I found just using two lines to be inhibiting. I am somewhat of a florid writer ( for better or worse -we are what we are) and have trouble keeping to two short sentences when I wish to set a scene. And for me, the first two sentences are pabout setting a scene, to lead the reader in so that they have an idea, in some way, what might follow next; i.e. The Hook.

For instance ( and this only applies to me),
Helmar shrugged.
Staring down, the man appeared dead.

Now, that could be good for some people. But my sentences might come out something like…….

Shrugging his shoulders, Helmar gazed down at the man in the dark alleyway.
He appreared not to move when Helmar kicked hus leg: he might be dead but by no means was it certain.

Something like that, though I would be even more florid.

Each writer has a different style. We all know this, so it is not unusual for each person to take a stance on the opening lines of a book/their book. We all write differently and readers like different ways that writers begin their books, and follow them through.
What is your choice?
The following poem has already been posted in FB. My apologies for that.
Fading Fast.

Summer swiftly flees the land,
Stags in splendour join the rut,
Hinds watch on as antlers clash.
Squirrels busily hide every nut.

Birds are busy, feeding up
To see the winter through,
Insects finding crawly holes,
So they can bid the world, Adieu.

Harvest mice have fattened too
On growing cornfield grain.
Whiskers twitching as the wind
Blows harshly, drivng rain.

Fledglings off to Africa
And Spain, to winter warm,
They’ll be back again next year,
And hope there’ll find no harm..

Until that special time
When winter slips away,
Just Bless autumnal colours,
And wish them on their way.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. September, 2015.


Greening leaves of autumn
Still hanging on the vine,
Though blackberries gone over,
T’will soon be apple time.
The harvest has been gathered,
The ripening pumpkins glow,
From green to mellow yellow,
To orange, all in a row.
Sitting in the farmer’s shed,
He rubs his hands with glee
For Halloween, and misty days
Means pumpkin soup for tea.
The medlars have been gathered
To ripen in the hay,
For later, Medlar Jelly
On a colder winter day.
We gather logs for fires,
To keep our houses bright
And warm in frosty weather,
And make toast, a real delight.
The honey that we gathered
From busy, busy bees,
Whose summer work we plunder,
For toasty treat with teas.
And when the chill wind whistles
Round chimney pot so tall,
We decorate with Greenery,
When Christmas comes to call.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. September, 2015.

We should all be aware that accidents can happen any time, any where. So, my friends, be careful.


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