Third September Blog


Third September Blog.

And now for sonething completly different.

Oh yeah!

I started this with good intentions. Maybe a topic will dawn soon but this morning has been busy, disappointing and unusual, to say the least. People knocking at the door. But not the people I was waiting for, i.e. Mr new postie with more art supplies. So, the art parcels delivery is with me again. One package, parcel postie tried to deliver on the only one and a half hours I was out shopping 2 Saturdays ago. Booked for re-delivery the following Thursday. Did it get dlivered? Did it fairy cakes!

So, phone in hand, rang them up. ‘Oh, but you put down for delivery for the following Thursday. (NO!). Comes this last Thursday, gets to early afternoon, another phone session. ‘Oh, they can come any time up to 6 p.m.’

Fuming, just a little bit, thinking they had lost my pack of water-colour paper and sundry items, not cheap. The package finally arrives after 4 p.m. Meanwhile, I have ordered more sundry art items, and where before they have been delivered the next day, this time, NADA! So yet again, I am t the mercy of the postal system. Rang the art supply shop. Been sent yesterday first class. And, it has just occurred to me, isn’t First Class meant to be delivered the NEXT day?????? Have I received it next day????! Soneone, somewhere, is telling me porkies!!!!!!!!!

Clothing Items.

Still waiting in, in case the girl on the phone at the art store is not telling me correctly how they sent these last items. I mean, I have put off being taken out this a.m. So that I can wait in for a non arriving package.
I need to go to a store to return items, purporting to be the same size, but ain’t. And thereby hangs yet another tale.

Are there no scruples about goods meant to be the same size, but are not??? I had to order these in because the newly opened larger NEXT store only carries three basic colours in this item. You want the other colours listed in the Web site, you have to order them online and pick them up from the store. So no way of telling that though purporting to be the same size, some of the colours are not -the same suze as they are supposed to be.
This is a ribbed item, so the stitcher just stitches straight, with very little allowance to accommodate the ribbing. The consequence of this is that one item may fit in all other places, barring the hem,which is tight as a proverbial drum.

Now, for the second time (I bought the first items – 2 the same – and later changed one because the stitching in the hem was too tight for the ribbing). So now I am going to have to take that one back as well because the whole garment is tight, even though the 2nd, same type and size garment, bought at exactly the same time, fitted perfectly, Do you see the predicament? Perhaps you too have suffered similar indignities? What is the world coming to? Or was it always like this and we fail to remember?

I do not kniw the answer except that much of our mass clothing items these days is manufactured overseas and either the standards have fallen because it is all about getting as much out or more in the same time allownce, or Quality Control has taken a dive, even under instruction, never to return again? Or materials used are not the same quality in one country as it is in another, or even, quality control does not check sizing properly, trying to snitch a millimeter here or there by cutting tight. For what it is worth, that is my opinion! It is also extremely frustrating as I have already soent much time, and more than a little effort trying to contact the local store to appraise them if the situation. Finally getting through to someone who listened, then told me something Imalready knew, that I would have to go to the store and explain it all again.
Steam coming out of my ears now!!!!!!!!!!!!

These two lines from a famous song come to mind,
“When life’s an empty kettle,
I should be on my mettle……” ( The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz).
Think we all have to be on our mettle these days.

Bless you all for reading my rantings today. The sun shines, but it is a trifle chilly here in Southern Englanf. Still, not rainng. Take care.


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