Second September Blog


Second September Blog.

I was dubious about what to write for this, my second September missive. However, seek and I shall be given.

Memories from way back in time ( mine, no one elses).

I was upstairs a few moments ago. The September sun was shining through the small window. Nothing different in that, you may well say. Across the road, there is work going on on someone’s roof. Men at work then. So, with the low sun shining, a quiet area, it took me back to 1960.

I was on holiday in Canada with a work friend who, with her fmily, had emigrated there a couple years previously. I won’t go into the journey here, as I may have written about that in the past but anyway, to my memory. We had gone to Niagara Falls for the day. There was a huge expanse of river, we were on the Canadian bank, not far from the Rainbow Bridge ( the bridge leading frim Canada to the USA, down river from The Falls), It was such a peaceful late afternoon and, from across the water, from the American side it sounded like, was the distant sound of banging, like boat building or something of the sort. It was just like this morning, slightly hazy sunshine, distant banging. This sound of workmen this a.m. and the lower sunshine. Anyway, that was one memory. I was back there on that 1960 afternoon, warm, as you can see from the photograph. I was with friends, it was all new to me, and so very wonderful. I hope I never lose my mind.

A few minutes later I came downstairs and was in the kitchen and started to smell burning hair. Well, I thought it was something from outside. You know, how you do. But, turning into the next room, ‘er indoors was using a hair dryer. “Caught a couple hairs in the dryer” she said. It all fell into place then.

But what that smell imparted to me was the memory of being a child in front of a smithies. Horses being shod, probably the aroma of dung as well. Great carthorses, waiting patiently for new shoes to be wrought. The sound of tails swishing over the smooth haunches, like brushing silk. A snort of air blowing from nostrils. The slightly acrid smell of charcoal in the brazier, mixed with burning hair and hoof as the new shoe was first burnt into the hoof, before the fully finished shoe was made. Smells of a bygone era, smells of my youth, triggering all kinds of other memories which tear at the soul.

I could go on, for, I have so many memories. Minor things that pertain to me but that might trigger memories long since set aside in your minds.

Have a good day, but be careful of traffic, of splinters or any other damaging thing lurking around. But most of all, be happy.

Your beating heart
Is the sound of Love,
Waltzing in circles,
Tip-toeing through
My soul.
Silver trips from your lips,
Caressing me, like
Summer rain spills
From a crystal fountain,
And yet, I am just a morsel
On your platter, simmering
Lowly, as you gather us,
We who sit below your feet,
Are we meer mortals
Where you sit among the Gods?
Am I of that lowly estate,
Where I may not touch
The hem of your gown?
Pity me.
For my heart is yours
To break or mend,
You, who rides the wind
To beyond happiness.
Speak to me, beloved,
Gather my soul,
Heal me.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. September, 2015.



2 thoughts on “Second September Blog

  1. Beautiful poem and so clever. I find smells and noises take me back to my childhood too. Instantly. I have been to Niagara (as an adult) on the USA side. We’d been doing a show (music) in Toronto and before flying back to LA to continue the tour, we had a few hours spare so went to see the falls with the band. I didn’t see much. I spent the whole afternoon taking them back and forth to the loos – they all had hang-overs from the last night party and kept feeling ill. I recall seeing many Japanese and Indian tourists, putting on a yellow plastic mac and getting a glimpse of the falls briefly, before I began to ferry the guys to the loos, one after the other. Then, back on the tour bus and off to the airport. Great fun. Not! We had a blacksmith’s in our village when I was young. Still a smithy there but they do big pieces of work there now, no horses.

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