First September Blog


First September Blog.

I read some Goodreads book reviews and had forgotten until then that there are one or two volumes on Amazon to which I have contributed works.
This particular book is called ‘Snowflakes on my Lashes’. It is a childrens’ book about winter fun and is a Charity volume. I have at least one story in this volume.
Another Peacock Writer’s book out is about sand and seashore and I also have work/s in this volume as well, again, all for Charity again. Should be part of my portfolio. I did have a short story and some poems in a different volume called ‘Reflections of the End’ but have not seen it on Amazon lately. Hah! Found it!
Reflections of the End (Authors Choice Select Anthologies 1)29 Jun 2013
by Jo Robinson and Fatima El-Kalay. Kindle Edition
It is not a Charity volume though. It is however, apocalyptic.

So, those at least are being added to my portfolio for now. Think this has messed my setting up. Ce la vie!

To today……

The ninth month has begun. Oh dear, I do hate passing August simply because it means we are that much nearer winter. I do not like winter. I am not a cold loving person ( unlike Elsa in the ‘Frozen’ film who did not mind the cold at all).

For me, it is the sun that warms me, I feel I can cope a little better in the warmth.
So, am I in the majority or am I in the minority? I wonder?

I will soon be sorting out long-sleeved tops winter wight), cardigans that keep my neck and shoulders warm ( the parts that feel the cold most) and anything else I can think of.
I am like the Boy Scouts, prepared all times to face the changeable weather.

I am ending this short blog, due to the weird thing happening across the page, of which I have no answer for, or way to change. Here’s hoping the next page will be back to normal.

Please excuse the problem, and have a good first autumnal day. As always, wtch your step, be careful out in this strange world we now inhabit.


Ps once transferred to WordPress, the page seems ok!!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars 1


3 thoughts on “First September Blog

  1. We don’t like winter either, only for the cold though. Love the idea of nature bedding down for a sleep, and watching everything slowly join her. It also means we have the Spring to look forward to…

  2. Thank you for reading, comnenting and reblogging Jenanita01. Bless. Yes, it is the cold for me too. Not sure where I live because most trees are put in by the Council and they are much of a muchness. No imagination in allowing for autumnal colours. But in Ontario, Canada, the colours are glorious.

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