Third August Blog


Third August Blog.

The Gremlins have returned. Nothing has gone right. I wrote a whole blog, poem as well, then by accident, trying to get rid of delete button that showed up. – it deleted the whoe durned thing!!!!!!!!!

Not the first unplanned deletion this week. Unfortunately, on this Notepad, neither I, nor ‘er indoors, has any clue how to retrieve on it. It also sometimes doubles up on stuff, Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!

So. The blog I was writing I m too weary to go through again, and, if you loose a first draft poem, pointless trying to re-write it from your head ( I do not make notes on poems, sad to say, so it is lost). On other parts of this sadly, items deleted are not really deleted, just taken out of site. Emails, for instance. They are retrievable, but have no idea about the notepad. It also has a sometime habit of lifting one piece and tacking it on the bottom of another file, written much earlier. Very confusing. All sent to annoy me, I guess. That is how it seems.

Many will say I have touched something, some button or other to make this all happen, and you could be right. But which button????? I have not a clue. Suffice it to say that I am losing work by the handful, and I do not like it!

Have many of you taken up the new (I hate to say it this way), Adult Colouring book craze? I always loved colouring in when little, but like all childhood toys and interests, it went the way of ‘The Dodo’ as one grew older. But now it has been deemed as a relaxing past time, with more adult-type pictures, more complicated patterns to de-stress the older person.

I have not actually bought any books yet, as you can get print-outs off the Internet, for free, more as trial runs, pehaps? Anyway, they are available. The only thing you are required to have at first, is a set of colours, be they pencils or felt top brush pens. Using the latter with print-outs means that, when using them to colour in, you need a pain sheet of copier paper u nderneath, as many felt tops ‘bleed’ throigh the paper, often resulting in different patterns on the under side, possibly a bonus?

I completed a large one yesterday, a lady’s head, her hair was all kinds of patterns. But today I completed two much smaller printouts. Getting to the time to look for more, or buy a book! I will be drawing nd water-colour paintng my own pictures in the future. Just getting a few bits and pieces together. Need special brushes, which hopefully, will make trees etc easier to put onto the paper, and look like distant trees. Mother brushes will be helpful when painting water, of various kinds. We shall wee. I m alao thinking if trying ‘Rough’ paper, though normally I use ‘NOT’ paper.

Grey Skies.

Mid summer, and the cloudy sky
Grew darker as the morning bled
Into a later, morning day,
And rain came down, like a mourning dress.
Light, at first, the drops then grew.
Heavier still, and the wind, it blew.
Dankness filled my view, flooded
My mind, as I thought of you.
For this rain had no redress,
It gathered storm clouds, what a mess.
Not summer rain, that after heat,
Lays the dust, you can smell the mix,
Like a muddy bake, all you can eat.
No, it was the chill watery way
Of a waning Autumn day.
Summer gone, feels cold today,
I wish I could live, be far away.
The promise that summer had not left,
Was but a pipe dream, we are bereft.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. August, 2015.

Not the blog I was writing, but still……Happy Friday, everyone. Take care as you move around in this world.



5 thoughts on “Third August Blog

  1. Syou and me both, Jenanita01. Is it just that we are technophobes? We both seem to do OK most of the time. I sometimes surprise myself, but then again, there are many moments when I am in a complete fog. Explanations by ‘ er indoors, often repeated several times, dies mot get past first base, making ‘e indoors extremely irritated. However, ther are occasions when a light bulb goes on. But do I really want it on?????!!

  2. So sorry you had a computer glitch…I hate them (both the machine and the glitches that come with them), but the poem you posted is lovely. Thanks Evelyn and better techy luck next time. Enjoy your weekend. πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Jane, but not a conputer, Pad, urgh’. Mind you, dropping it a few times never helps!!!!!!! Not lately, but a first. Oh well, back to the old drawing board. Maye paintin pad aoon. Bless for reading and comnenting. You too have a good weekend. Watching Birdman right nw.

  4. Oh how frustrating for you! I am such a techonophobe that I write everything by hand in little notebooks before typing it up on the computer. How old fashioned of me eh (not to mention time consuming!) πŸ˜‰ We were only saying yesterday how it seems that Autumn is starting – leaves turning and that little nip in the air, not to mention all the bloomin rain! It makes me feel sad too. I am a Spring person – it always feels such an optimistic season; new beginnings and lovely fresh sunny days *sigh* x

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