Second August Blog


Second August Blog.

There are a lot of writers whose topics are romance, historical fiction, young adults, children’s or is that childrens’? Some write murder mysteries, others write a combination like historical murder fiction. There are those who write paranormal, vampire, were wolves and the like, adult fairy tales. Also factual writers, they have a place, but here I am asking how many write science fiction/fantay?

Personally, I write in many genres. Now some people say that a writer should stick to one genre; one they are good at, one they feel comfortable in.

I have never subscribed to that belief. OK, I hear you say, pehaps she has never found that one genre that was suited to her. And perhaps you may be right. All I know is that I write whatever story appeals to me, what I feel comfortable writing at that particular moment, no matter what the genre. I seldom write horror, because I do not think I could do it justice. The same applies to comedy and murder, mostly. Oh, I have written one or two short comic stories, more by luck than judgement. Same applies to vampire stories. Yes, I have written one or two shorts, in this genre, but I could not sustain a full book. I know my limitations, mostly.

I have tried fantasy and science fiction. I have partial novels in the genre of fantasy.
Not fairies or any of that kind, but scifi fantasy. However, my main acifi novel has to be re-edited and half of the second book, in the series, has to be written.

My question is, how did you go about writing your scifi novel?
What sparked your interest in scifi, the writing of?
How did you decided what type of scifi would be the one for you? Space, weird scifi ( sorry, have no other way to put it. The Shining Ones is a bit weird, another 6 book series, I cannot remember the titles, that I was lent by a devotee and that I stoically ploughed through) or fantasy scifi like Anne McCaffrey ( my favourite in that genre)?

From way back, it has been said,write what you know! How can you know scifi??? The answer, plain and simple is no, you cannot know ( barring a bit of gleaned knowledge about stars, planets, the universe etc.) so you cam only use what you were born with. Your imagination! You can create whole universes of your own making, should you so desire, in this field of writing. Who is to say it isn’t so? No one.

So, my friends, thank you for perusing this piece. I would welcome any comnents, in this field. Do take care.
Space, the Limitless.

How many Universes litter the Great Space?
Such infinity, too vast to contemplate.
And yet, we search, we speak
Of the great beyond as if it were a friend,
So close, we would whisper, lest we be heard.
Too overwhelming to let our small minds
Wander through the Galaxies,
Infinitesimal though we be,
Smaller than a grain of sand,
Yet we seek to understand.
We, who cannot rule our one tiny
Speck, our planetoid, held in the
Bosom of an indefinable quantity,
This entity, this Earth.
Shall we ever strike out,
Leave its shores for the unknown?
We either become as dust in the melee,
Or develop warp drive.
But could we withstand breaking the ties,
Leaving this rock behind,
Engineering Space?
Or, are we too small-minded,
Too finite, too clinging to this one
Mud ball, we call home.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. August, 2015.

Such are the thoughts of men, who hate to be conquered, yet wish to conquer that which is unconquerable!


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