Tenth July Blog


Tenth July Blog.

Rain, Lifegiver.

A drop of rain
Upon my cheek,
From above,
As if to weep
And sigh for me
In my solitude.
Heaven’s tears
Shape the landscape,
Sculpt us all,
Infinite ability,
In gorgeous
Neutrality, and we
Are pledged to
Follow each map,
Every rivulet,
Winding between
Valley and hillside.
Remote or close,
It is a positive,
Against all the
Negatives, those who
Gainsay. Spoil crops,
Flood, Yet, rain
Gives life. Drops
That fall slow. Deliberate
Globs of warm wet.
Or hard punches of
Sharp spikes, pounding
From on high,
A dark brooding sky
Heavy with moisture,
Laden with ininite possibilities.
So, come to me,
Dear raindrop,
Sweet heavenly joy.
For you are our saviour,
Without rain,
We die.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

July, here in Southern England, is noted for its unusual amount of rain. Today, Friday, it is ( what my offspring calls ) ‘pickeling’ down. This means the rain is really pelting down, furiously.

It can fall a little harder on occasion,but not by much. A gentle rain would be better. Easier to accept. Children are on holiday from school and many take their holidays straightaway. Hopefully, many will be off abroad where the weather can be wArmet, drier. Taking a holiday in England is fraught with anxiety. Will the weather be nice? We need the sunshine or it will be hard to entertain children at the seaside/in the caravan, on endless wet days.

July is notorious for its rainy days most years, here in good pld England. Apparently, this year, is one such case. A day here and there of warm sunshine, then the obligatory rain. ‘Rain is needed, but does it have to rain all summer?’ You get the gist.

It has to be said that this July has had many sunny days, maybe more than ‘what is termed normal here’. But never-the-less, we always think we have had more rain than sun.

Today, the ‘norm’ has returned, with a vengeance. It started out dull, cloudy but dry. By mid-day it started, as my offspring says, ‘pickeling’ down. And it has been that way all the rest of the day and evening, ‘pickeling’ hard. Quite cold too, I hasten to add. We get very wet Julys some years, but not as chilly as today. Or so it seems from memory, though that could be faulty. And the forecast is set the same over the whole weekend.

So for children, out of school for a few precious weeks, the summer has begun. How many of those weeks will be sunny? Who can tell? I, for one, would like lots more weeks of glorious summer, but farmers may see things a different way.

Enjoy the summer friends, holidays or vacations. And, as always, be careful out there.


PS. That was yesterday. Today has dawned bright but windyi. Tomorrow set foR cloudy with showers. Cannot win!


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