Ninth July Blog


Ninth July Blog.

“””” A light wind, hotter than a blast furnace, crested the dunes. Light sand and dust particles constantly rose into the air, landing somewhere further down, raining on the sand gecko who blinked his eyes incessantly to avoid the dust. His feet, one back, opposite one front, were raised for a few seconds. The sand was the temperature of the hottest oven. The tiny lizard rotated its feet every few seconds so that contact was short. This was how it survived the desert.

A vast tract of yellow ochre, and red with shadows of rich mahogny, that was the desert scene. Not even scrub this far in. Shelley shifted gears on her 4 by 4. It could handle the terrain. However, no sense taking chances. If she got stuck on one of these slopes, she could sink in, or, more likely, slide back to the bottom of the gulley. Or, at worst, the vehicle could turn over, crashing ignominiously, with her inside it. Either way would be ruinous for her, and the expedition.

She gunned the vehicle forward. It responded powerfully, cresting the dune with ease. Shelley let go the breath she was holding in. Another small milestone. That was what it was all about, after all.

The distant horizon was fuzzy, but the purple mountains were distinctive. Pity there was no short cut to reach them. Desert driving was not her style. She hated the dust that, no matter how tight the windows were, still seeped into the vehicle. Wearing a scarf across her nose and mouth was uncomfortble, stuffy. The A/C had long since given up full power. Was just a phantom of its former self.

How long had she been driving, she wondered, glancing at her watch. Four hours or so, and perhaps another two to go. At this rate, she would barely reach camp before the sun set. The headlights were dusted up, she was sure. Glass became pitted against this stuff. Driving in a desert night was definitely not recommended. Constant driving up and down sand dunes at dusk, was bad enough. But at night, these mounds took on strange shapes. Shadows confused the mind, causing a person to make wrong decisions. You could really go off course, night driving. End up nowhere near where you expected to be.””””


My last blog, I set a scene in a rainy town street. This piece has a totally different feel. Dry hot desert. Nothing could be further from the last one, than this. Just flexing my writing muscles. Does anyone else do much of this, I wonder? It seems to help free me from my usual course. A new track to follow, if you will. Cleans out my mind, gives me new direction, even if it never becomes any more than this piece.

The Colours of Green.

When the sun beams down
On garden bright,
The colours of green
Glow in the light.
Pale Sap Green,
A brilliant hue,
Beneath the leaves,
A dark greeny blue.
I can see Hookers Green,
Both light and dark,
And Olive Green blends,
From stem and bark.
A Green Gold, crests
Foliage tops,
Emerald, Intense,
The greens really ‘pop’.
Viridian, strange,
And Phthalo Green,
Terre Verte,
Pervades the scene.
All of these colours
I hope to employ
When I begin painting,
Oh, water-colour joy.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

I hope everyone is having a great day, wherever in the world. Watch out for traffic, toys in the grass, the Zebra herd, the slippy pond edge, whatever. Be Safe.


6 thoughts on “Ninth July Blog

    • Ah, Bless you Deb. I shall bear it in mind. Got to get some time, what with wanting to paint more, got my R. Novel to edi, others (sci fi) to edit, phew! I look so busy, ha! Ha!
      Anyway, I will give the matter some thought, even the rainy piece too.

  1. I’ve watched for the zebras and the toys in the grass and on the stairs too…loved your story and your poem too. I don’t write poetry (not that clever), but I do write Flash Fiction, which is another discipline when it comes to careful use of words. Do write the full story. 🙂

  2. Thank you Jane, Bless you. All in good ytime, just all in good time. I do like to have these little vignets on hand so, I may try at some point, even a ahort story, maybe. I will ponder it. But I relly thnk you for reading and commenting on my little piece. Once again, Bless you.

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