Seventh July Blog


Seventh July Blog

Time Devotion.

We all devote time to various parts of our lives. The amount we apportiono for each part may be different, depending on whakind of lives we are leading at that particular moment: this also depends on what age we are and where we live, and also lincludes what our particular country is. Each is different in Its own way and can govern how we spend time. What rituals and influences are involved, the climate, finances and much more.

However, I cannot really speak for others, only myself, my country, my weather conditions, my rituals ( for want of a better description).

As a child, most of us have no idea what the adult world is about! This is good because, if we did have an idea, at such a tender age, we might never want to go any further. So, at this time of our lives, most of us begin to grow. Start to oiunderstand more of what, in the coming years, will be expected of us, to a certain extent. However, time manages to keep us young enough, for long enough, to build a thick skin for the most part. { There will be some who fall by the wayside, quite early on in life. Tragic, but sometimes Nature decides that, for whatever reason, few will be forfeit). The stronger ones will kgrow, mature in the learning time where we are not really children any more, nor are we fully-fledged adults.

Next, the time of procreation, when we are undoubtedly at our strongest, most vital. Reproduction is the name of Nature’s game. Some never take part, for whatever reason, so more fall by Nature’s roadside. Not that it matters. Enough use this time to produce the next set, and the cycle moves on. It is at this time we are at our most formative. We build, we produce, we survive.

Comes the settling time where we get comfortabe in our skins, building on the previoup stage of our lives. Time still stretches for us. We enjoy what we can, our partners, children, friends and our jobs. Life is sweet, mellow. We all know that old age is getting nearer, but shrug it off like some too warm overcoat, stuck in the wardrobe, facing us every day. But we close the door and forget about THAT time to come.

If we are lucky we are still blessed with good health. The odd morning cough doesn’t worry us. That annoying twinge in the knee is just a twist gained when walking over a rough path with the dog. It does not mean anything. Everyone gets a little pain now and again. We do not see it as ( to quote: “The shape of things to come”). Our teeth are still strong. Oh, one had to be pulled, but that happens to everyone, right?

Wrong, my friend, it is the beginning of the slippery slope. Not quite there yet, maybe, but definitly on a downhill path of time. The time when children bring the grandkids round of a Sunday. You say goodbye with that old chestnut, nice to give them back at the end of the day, chiding ourselves that we are not as young as we used to be. Time, that ever present spectre, is not so kind any more. Maybe we should get fit. Join a health club. That should beat time, get us back some energy and strength.

Wrong again! This is where time really puts the boot in. Watch the t.v. during the day, read more, potter in the garden, get a set of dentures There is no clocking in. Our time is our own. Until TIME tells us
“time’s up, pal”.

Time, incandescent,
Drifts slowly on a
Tide of infinity.
Its ethereal presence
Felt graciously at first,
But as it moves, picks
Its stream, edging
Towards destiny,
It becomes less
Of a friend,
More of an enemy.
That blight that gnaws
At vital parts of you.
Small nibbles
Make ragged edges.
The marks then tear,
Rip you asunder so
There is little left
To pick over.
The old say
‘Time waits for no man’
Has a great truth.
We live, we grow,
Then we are no more.
Hopefully we will be

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

My time .talking about time, is done for today.  Keep smiling, be happy and remember, let’s be safe out there today.


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