Sixth July Blog


Sixth July Blog.

The joys of looking.

It can be anything to anyone. A guy who loves motorcycles, a lady who loves trying out new recipes, a teenager who has suddenly found makeup, or a lad who is wrapped up in the doings of his favourite football team. The list is endless.

It is for certain, that quite a lot of us human beings, at one time or another in our lives ( sometimes more than once) become enhranced with a hobby. One of my hobbies is painting. Currently, due to space and mess, oil paints, that I used to love using, and chalk pastels (dusty at worst, all over the place) have now had to be put aside. But,…..water-colour, my nemesis, is now avilablemto me, time permitting.

Not only is there a joy in trying to paint a good (or even just aoassable) water-colour picture, but there is another added joyous time, ( a bonus, if you will) as most other people and their hobbies also find, the looking at, the discusing of, the thinking about, of your very own favourite pasttime. For me, it is choosing, new paints and equipment.

Sadly lacking for many years due to doing other things, money also being part of the problem. Now I have a little to spare for such frivolous items and how glorious it is to go through the web site of artists materials and drool ( well, almost) at the various colours and equipment, on offer. Brushes, drawing books, new items, new colours. The list is almost endless. It is like a holiday, where the sun shines, the food is delicious, the wine intoxicating. A joy to behold, a love to endure. Each hobby has that quintessential aspect that holds the officionado in thrall.

I do have a 12 full pan water-colour paintbox. Good quality, bought from a reputable artists materials shop, but so long ago. Don’t get me wrong. They are still good to use! Because I bought quality at the time of purchase, or as good as I could afford ( same with my artists quality colour pencils- best to buy quality products, even if only one or two at a time).

Now, prices have skyrocketed, but I have found a site with quality at what I can afford. Picking and choosing colours I do not already own in my old paintbox, colours that I would have trouble actually mixing. Viridian being one such colour, phthalo blue or green for others, pale yellow, Indian red, some of the browns. Don’t get me wrong, I can mix up a wide-ranging colour wheel myself, but some colours are hard to interprete, to repeat. And whereas, when using oils, white can turn darker colours pale, with water-colours, that really does not work well. White will make some colours more opaque, which is often not quite what is required. Water-colour should be like it says, a colour that is watery, not muddy or murky which the white would do in many cases.

I am now also finding this site gives me little videos of the various materials. I am buying new colours in half pans, because this is cheaper. However, the paints will be easier to use if set in a box ( will not slide around in use). Joy, again. On closer inspection, I find empty metal tins to secure my half pans, at a cost. More than I wnt to lay down. But, more joy, a new, lighter, modern design container in plastic. I am not prejudiced against plastic. This one is a fair amount cheaper, folds up to quite a convenient travel size ( should I ever want to take it outside). Unfolds so that there are many places to mix colour. I would have to check on the half pan (the demo was of full pan, but was informed it took half pans as well).

One demonstration on a fully loaded water-colour set showed something I have had before (when making cards), and had forgotten about, a waterfilled brush. Handy for certain things. So,, not only but also. I know most people are not really enamoured of painting. Some maybe because it seems a slightly scary hobby, at first. Some might want to try but are afraid of not producing anything that looks like a painting. A childrens’ water-colour set is cheap and easy to start with, and who cares, except you? If you’ve a mind, try it out. You have nothing to lose. I taught elderly and disabled and they enjoyed what they did.

What I am saying here is that, if you love comic books, keep them in order to refer to at some point in time, if miniature furniture is your thing, if you like to snowboard and are interested in new innovations, or whatever your hobby, be it fly fishing, gardening, hat making, knitting….there will always be a joy in looking at things pertaining to what interests you. Looking costs nothing ( well, maybe reading a book costs a little). I like to look, and looking at painting gear is making me feel joyful.

Many Hues of the Rainbow.

Indigo, deep as a stormy night,
Cadmium red, in a dress, so bright.
Ultra Marine, a Seascape dark,
Raw Umber, colour of forest bark
Olive green, of Greco/Roman hue,
Viridian, a type of greeny blue
Like vases, weathered, in the day,
On copper or gold where mold holds sway.
Carmine crimson, like veinal blood,
Indian Red, like a desert flood.
Gambodge Tint, so thickly yellow,
Lemon, softer, lighter, mellow.
Ivory black, like a polished grate
In olden times, now Paynes Gray pate.
Colours of the rainbow, and lots more
To paint a great picture with brightness galore.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015
Be happy dear people. Be careful.


4 thoughts on “Sixth July Blog

  1. Pity we don’t have more time for the good things in life, isn’t it? I do try to fit them in, but mostly it never works well enough. More time is needed! My problem is this, there are just too many things I love to do…

  2. I heartily concur, Jenanita01, especially when you get to my time of life. Some days I cannot do much as am in pain or very tired because Zi lost a lot of sleep. However, my new paints came this a.m. Not much, but they sent a catalogue, yea! I love, really love, looking at differnt colours. Like when you buy a set of coloured oens in ca pack, they range the colour soe trum. For me, that s almost like ‘crack”! Beautiful colours, one merging into another, these colour wodges are even better, more ipof them. But, i used to love flowers of all colours etc. it must be the same, whatever your particular interest! Yea, love it. Thanks for reading on a dull July day. Bless. More time (and energy to use that time) please.

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