Fifth July Blog


Fifth July Blog

Forever Time.

How fast the race of time,
When there is little enough left,
And how slowly the rate of hope
That all will be accomplished.
An immutable fact, that is only
Realised after time has held
Us in its sway, lulled us
Into a falseness, that time is forever!
Our short span is nothing to the stars,
To the redwood, to the rocks.
To the great mushroom ring,
Ever expanding from its core.
The great dry Sahara across Africa,
Once was lush and green.
The Sphinx and Pyramids surrounded
By fruitful plants, water, but
Five thousand years has changed
Its condition to dry dusty desert.
We do not live a fraction of that time.
We must rush, get as much done
As possible in our brief moment.
Much have I yet to accomplish,
More time do I need,
Less time, that transient object,
Has for me to show the world,
I was here. I had something to contribute,
I will not soon be forgotten.
Isn’t that what we all strive for?p
To live on. If not us, then our names,
What we stood for in life?
Persevere, plod on, use time,
Like it uses us for its own purpose.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

Not well today. Felt ill from 5.30 a.m. Some kind of chest infection which I think started from 3-7-15 when I was sat in a chilly wind outside the coffee bar. It has been coming on for a week now that, with hindsight, I should have taken more note of.
I do have a remedy, of sorts, so that is in progress.


Now, kind of pet peeve! Breakfast bars, to name only one type of manufactured item that purports to be healthy, but isn’t.

Why? Well, you would think ‘ breakfast bar, ‘ supposed to be a bit healthy for you, right? But when in fact, contain, (some of them), at least 7 to 8 types of ‘sugar’ (some varieties may contain more, only a very few contain slightly less)! This is not good for us, people. How often do you read of newpapers/ magzines that too much sugar (also salt, but that is for another time) that inform us of how many people are becoming diabetics? Well, Duh! Why are the Legislative powers not clamping down on manufacturers to reduce the ‘sugar’ content of their products?

Besides the ubiquitous Sugar, there are often other sugar-type products slid in, i.e. honey ( which is fine on its own) molasses quite often, corn starch ( sugar in other words) and countless other items that go by different names, but to all intents and purposes, sugar by any other name.

Now many of you will know this information and choose your purchase accordingly. But others are fooled by the big bold lettering that states ‘healthy’. Healthy they are not, but provided you know what you are eating, that is up to you entirely. (And I am not mentioning here all the MEAT products that contain some kind of sugar or sugar extract).

Must we all have sugar rammed literally down our throats? I think not. Being a diabetic myself, it really galls me that manufacturers these days have clamped onto sugar ( and salt) to enhance products to fool the buying public that they are being good to themselves because that particular manufacturer has been so good in finding produce to get and keep you healrhy. ALL A PLOY my friends, a marketing ploy. They want your money, not your health, for which they do not care, one iota.

OK, my rant over.

Another poem

End of the Day.

Where are the will ‘o the wisps wending their way,
After the golden sun mellows the day?
Are they a’sleeping in yon fairy dell,
Or are they just blending by yon foxglove’s bell?
Fae are so transient, they do not stay long,
But meander gently by Nature’s sweet song.
Wings that have beaten a garden path trail,
So gossamer light, so pretty, so frail.
Are curled up by moonlight, that gentle light’s gleam,
Or lain by the brook or the cool mountain stream.
We never spy them, for what would we see,
Nought save a butterly, moth or a bee.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

Be safe, be careful.



2 thoughts on “Fifth July Blog

  1. Hi Debb323′ Bless.! That is so kind of you to say that. It too gives me pleasure that it is received so well. Thank you my friend.
    Have just written a new blog, not posted yet as I have to write a poem for it, and get a picture.
    Thank you kindly.

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