Third July Blog


Third July Blog.

Saturday, 4th July (no, not the American National Holiday) but a warm summer afternoon. The window is open a few inches.

Suddenly ‘there’s a bird’!

Sure enough, a cheeky little bird, a finch, or something, lands on the window ledge, almost hopping inside the house. We jump up fast, to make sure it does not fly inside. But we are not quick enough. It departs back outside fast, before wr can accomplish anything. Phew!!!

A few moments later, the same bird ( or one just like it, – shades of The Matrix here) lands on the ledge again. Cheeky Perishers! We do not want a bird flitting into the house. Been there, done that, when we had cats. Disastrous! No cats now though. So safer.

The birds come down to drink water down under the blackberries, so flying around quite often, though do not think they have attempted this kind of entry before ( in oast times they have cone diwn the chimney – luckily, with no fire burning at the time). Having said that, it is only on very warm days, (with no one burning barbeques) do we have that window open.

Other than the attempted entry of bird life, it is lovely to have Nature right on your windowsill. It is quiet here this afternoon, houses and gardens restrict traffic noise quite a lot, and if people are out shopping or visiting friends etc., then it can be so peaceful, and the birds appreciate the quiet too.

Monday. 6-7-15.
I went out into the garden quite late this afternoon. I had been inside, for two hours, shedding documents. Not all the time, oh no!

Ten minutes shredding, twenty minutes cleaning out all the paper strands, clogging the teeth. You see, most official paper, Bank statements, telephone bills etc, ad infinitumi, I believe, have a certain amount of rag content. I may be wrong, but the shredding machine certainly does NOT like what I put ‘throughand shows its displeasure by making chuggy/banging noises after a while. If you ignore these warnings (Will Smith!), it will chugg a little more, then stop ( never to go again!!!) as the song says). This is the time for a total clearout. This can take some time, involving the use of a 6 inch blade kitchen knife: poking and digging inside, for the use of. I do have one other small tool I sometimes use in the feeder slit to hoik up strands of paper, but not today. Cannot be bothered to search for it.

It is a ‘fine’ job on this particular machine as the strands of waste paper tend to wind around the cogs. This is where the sharp-pointed kitchen knife cones in very handy. Some strips will only come loose when the point of the knife is inserted between the cog and the tightly wound strip. Not easy, and the knife slios on occaion. Wearing away the time as each cog has to be stripped. I do not know how many cogs span the business part of the machine, but I would guess at least fifty. Possibly a lot more.

Both sides are wound with paper. OK, So some cogs are fairly easily partially freed of their bindings. But enough remain tightly wound to take up a lot of my time, and pulling with the tip of the knife and finger/thumb can be very painful if, like me, you have arthritic hands. Quite often, each strip, or small piece of, has to be tugged free, hard. Some will not letmgo and a portion of strip, less than half a centimeter, is all you may get free, if you are lucky. More often than not, the portion is even smaller.

Luckily, I have a persistant nature. These anomalies do not phase me. If I have the time, I am quite happy to sit, digging away.

**** >When I first started this session, a couple of weeks ago, after not using the shredder for some nonth, or much longer, it would not start. Her indoors scoffed when I decided to try to ckean paper debris and ge it to work. “i am winning,” I say. The scoffing continues.

After a trial, nothing moved. “Buy a new one”. Was the reply. But they are not cheap. Oh, you can buy cheapish ones, but I wnt my business documents smooshed to oblivion. Posibly! So through the next couple of days I work on the problem.

Victory is sweet! “I did not believe it possible,” she intones. “Ta rah!” Say I. Anyhoo, this is the state of play.<*******

Then there is the poking from above, so that the upper strips, still wound, can be physically released by being hooked out with the knife point. So, finally, I clear about 95% of the wound and loose strips, and I start shredding again, repeating the whole process. This time, the “I don’t like shredding this” noises happen faster. I clear it again! Shred again, and repeat the process.

I can feel the machine heating up, so you know that from then on, you are finished for the day, In any case, it is lunch time and you have plans for some of the aftenoon in the garden, cutting and bagging garden waste. Has to be done today because the App says some showers tomorow.

My hand and wrist hurt a lot, but these jobs have to be completed. Never mind, more to be done, but that is for yet another day.

(P.S. Next day, cloudy but has not rained. Still, I am ahead of the game, should it shower later. I can do no more cutting work in the garden as my three appointed garden waste colkecting bags are FULL.

Happy Sumner everyone, and take care.



5 thoughts on “Third July Blog

  1. My favorite holiday was our community band’s trip to England, Scotland and Wales. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do all we wanted because of rehearsals and performances!
    Evelyn, your shredder must be a cousin to mine – put in more than one thin document or it rebels! I have had trouble checking your blog since address change but lucke dout today. We ahve been watching a nest of robins for weeks – from construction to babies to empty nest. We watched the parents fend off a predator bird that must prefer baby birds before they feather out and we watched as the babies accompanied the parents on a worm hunt, with the aprents finding the treats and then feeding them to the babes. Then one day one of the babies flew into our picture window. It made my husband so sad to pick up the body of a li
    fe cut short,

    • That is sad Alice. My friend in Canada had thos in he orevious house ( the one her husband built next door to where they live now) and whikst Zi was there, a little bird foewinto one of the picture windows. She was so uoset as there was red around its throat. I looked closer and saud it wa just stunne, the red was markings, little feathers that colour. Aftef a hile it woke up and flew away. Sorry that baby dud not. Sorr you cnnot kways geg my posts. Fo my emaols rech you jiw?
      Hugs Alice

    • I think there must be a few shredder from the same family. I intended to do more today, but my back was really aching worse, so I rested most of the time. Must try to be more industrious tomorrow. Yes, there area few birds that oreh on others, but often rats or weasels get them. Wd have a programme on tv here called Spring Watch whete they shiw actual nests of varioua birds,and sometimes, things ge the little ones. Nature,I guess. Rhanka gir reading. Bless you.
      Hugs, Evelyn

  2. Oh, indeed, Jenanita01, comes in very handy at times ( like the keypad on my Ipad. Off to tussle with it some more this a.m. Thanks for reading and commenting. But first, new post, on Bubbles. Bless.

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