Second July Blog


Second July Blog.

Birthday Coffee.

Oh for a cup of coffee
Outside in rhe afternoon sun,
A rickety table containing
A cup and a sugary bun.
A breeze blowng fresh from the corner,
A friendly face, taking her ease,
She’s eating a warm bacon sandwich,
Sips frothy coffee, sweet as you please.
It’s sure she is just getting older,
Taking the air with her friend.
Her birthday is coming tomorrow,
Coffee lunch becoming a trend.
This is the third year running
She has celebrated thus,
I wonder how long she can do it,
Without making a fuss.
Her legs do not work so well now,
Parkinsons getting a grip,
She shuffles along without murmur,
It’s reaching up now to her hip.
But sitting outside in the sunshine
The coffee shop tables invite,
Light breeze still blows round the corner,
Paper cups often in flight.
But then the breeze does a header,
She basks in the afternoon gay,
A chat with her friend, she takes pictures,
For later, to remember the day.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

Nothing earth-shattering, you may think, but it is these small, insignificant events, that make life what it is.

Few of us can claim we climbed a mountain, trekked across the Antarctic, roamed The Steppes looking for long lost dinosaur remains, searched The Holy Land for artifacts, hidden for thousands of years: again, few of us have sought to find life-saving drugs, brought up treasures from the deep ocean, fathomed the Stars.

So it is small victories we have to treasure, to make, not only our lives more interesting, but those of our friends, our families. We need to show them lives that are more pleasant, more amenable, if we can. For they are those we love. In this way they too can feel uplifted, enjoined to make life richer, more replete, where the daily drudgery of work we are not happy to do, impinges. Lots of people settle in less than satisfying jobs, because money is needed to live.

Gone are the days where we grow our own in a speck of land. But even then, the land was oiften owned by someone richer, more powerful and taxes (in whateve form) had to be handed over to those rich men. Still, the pace of life was slower. One was satisfied with less.

I have diverted slightly, so, a simple smile will open more doors (other than physical ones) than a scowl. A smile costs little, it is the doing that counts the cost. This is true in most cases, so a smile is a gift, not only to friends and family, but to everyone with whom you cone in contact. A universal truth, if you will. A happy comment, a mild joke, can move mountains, divert rivers. Much like a song can lift a spirit high.


Air lifts a silken veil, allows a zepher to waft its fragile being
And gives creedence to its worth. It is like a cobweb,
Floating gently, taken into the air. Its passenger hangs on the breeze,
Attached by gossamer, spread far and wide, its will surpassed by air.
Hither, thither, the wind moves. Carries its unwilling partner,
Then drops and the passenger alights in a new land.

But she cannot travel so far,
Her veil, light as down,
Flies without her.
It billows in the gentle wafting,
Moves like a dancer in pirouette.
Waving her arms, she grasps
At its tenouness, misses, snatches
Again, Catching just a corner,
Reaching out to clasp a
Stronger hold. She cannot rise,
She is anchored to Earth
Whilst it still tries to break free.

Oh, how willowy, her veil.
How mundane
This life is!

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

Another nice summer day. Saturday brings people out to play, to shop, to be seen. Again, be careful, be happy out there.



4 thoughts on “Second July Blog

  1. Bless you Debb323. I have just finished my latest. Must check which I last posted and poat more on Erika’s site. Thus obe Zi just finished is boit bubbles. Thank you for your comments about my poetry. Bkes.
    Evely. Ps will read your latest later today.

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