First July Blog


First July Blog.

Horror!!!! It’s July, already!!!!

Muddied Hues.

Sepia, a dark foreboding tone,
Black notes, playing a mournful tune.
Molten sparks spit like fireflies,
Rising high into the skies.
Curling fronds of smoky hue,
Choking to death, the forest view.
Cracking twigs, send a snapping sound
Through the dark trees, atop sunken mound.
Rodents crunkle the fallen litter,
Beetles go wary, from the midnight critter.
What lies below? We cannot tell.
Nothing sacred ‘neath this sorry dell.
Footsteps scare away friend and foe,
Which way, where way, should we go?
From cloudline shadow, the moon arises,
Shafts of pale light never disguises
Tree from stump, or movements bold,
To pathway, savage beast beholds
Quarry, ,just ahead of time,
Thinking surely, mine, all mine.
Grasping axe, testing swing,
Treadily warily, least nightjar sing.
Needs the bird in silent mode,
Crossing the empty forest road,
On to where the victims lurk,
Before the start of nightly work.
In the town. The shop front glass
Filled with red baubles, but don’t fuss,
In the monotone canvas, they seem like blood,
Mixed with the sepia, becoming like mud.
Red cells, platlets, gleaming dully dead.
Visions projected, the body’s bread.
Within the crystal, liquid hue,
Dark wine, sensing what to do.
Raising glasses, nightly feast,
After downing exotic beast.
Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

Not meant to be morbid, but watching the latest “Hannibal”, these images on the screen, I had to write down. Make them into a poem.

Occasionally, I take this route. Not often, but, there are times when I need to vere away ftom light weight odes. Dig somewhat deeper into the human mind, take it to where most do not want often wish to go.

In contrast-

Summer Ripeness.

A gentle zepher blows shining leaves, drenched by summer sunshine,
Heavy laden limbs bend to its wake, budding fruits soaking goodness.
Oh, behold, ripeness is almost upon us, gathering, like sentinels,
Keeping watch o’oer Nature’s bounty, proffering it lusciousness.
We pick and pluck the first fresh berries, popping them into waiting mouths,
Drooling at the sweetness, the juicy ripeness, the lightly sour tastes:
Beating the birds to rich red cherries, waiting for the darker fruit
To ripen to a sensuous augergine hue: to currants, red, white and black,
To deep crimson strawberries, oozing with that special taste and aroma:
To darker, almost wine-like droops of raspberries, waiting for the pluck.
Other fruits ripen in summer’s heat, peaches, nectarines, plums, so juicy,
But of them all, the berries and cherries fill me with contentment.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. July, 2015.

Happy First of July, everyone. Enjoy this time of year be it summer, or winter for you, but most of all, be safe.



9 thoughts on “First July Blog

  1. Why, thank you Erika. One follower dud not like the subject of the first poem, but she did like the poem. Bless you for the lovely comment. I know, a tad dark, but when it comes to you, you hav to write it as you see it. Again, Bless you for the comnent. Hope you enjoy more of my poems.

  2. Loved ‘Muddled Hues,’ Evelyn. It may have been dark, but the pictures it evoked were so vivid. I’m not one for poetry, however, this really struck a cord. Wonderfully written.

    • Well thank you so much Jeane. Sometimes it is hard to write this kind of datk work. Some might shy away, but if I feel it, I try to put it into words, hoping that it will turn out alright in the end. So Bless, fir reaing, even though you are not one for poetry.
      Thank you again.

    • Thank you Zdebb323″ got it right now. So pleased you liked the poem and thay a particular line caught your eye. I was a tad worried that many of my followers would find it morbid. And, it has to be said, that the subject matter was taken from images gleaned from the 2nd series of the t.v. Show, Hannibal. In of itelf, very dark, often brutal and not the subject that many would watch. Much darke than any of the Hannibal Lecter films. But, the acting us superb, the images are imposing and all good stuff for a poet (i like to think I am somewhat of a poet). I do wtite stories and am currently working on a novel. Compkwted barring more efiting.
      So, thank you for your kind comments. Bless.

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