Return of the Dragon…Uffington

Our green and ancient land, always worth a look.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

P1190075We were up early on our final morning in Wiltshire. It had rained overnight and everything was soaked, but there was something in the air that promised a hint of summer. The vividness of the green in the damp half-light made the world look unreal. Our host, true to his word, had asked around and had a few suggestions about the location of the Missing Mound, so two of us headed out into the morning to try and find it… and although our quest would prove fruitless, we found where the Ridgeway led through the village at both ends.


That is a special path in so many ways and one we would like to walk end to end. There are less than 90 miles of the ancient trackway still walkable, leading past many of the sacred sites of our ancestors and calling into question their location. Were they built close…

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2 thoughts on “Return of the Dragon…Uffington

  1. You are very welcome Sue. Nice to see those photographs of misty hills, the White Horse. Do we really know hiw that got started? Nice to be reminded that these ancient places ar still vibrant. Bless.

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