Nineth June Blog


Nineth June Blog.


My blackberry stems are full of blossoms. This makes the bumble bees very happy, very industprious. Some of the blooms have gone over and miniature blackberry fruit ( or the partially formed droops, do they call them?) are showing amidst hairy after-blooms. There are also many newly-formed blossoms just opening up. These are of interest to the bees as more fodder for their supplies, once the currently wide open flowers, wilt.

I see blossoms, I see bees, I see lovely juicy ripe and delicious fruits that will, when fully ripe, be popped into my mouth. Mmmmm! The taste is gorgeous. Would that I had lots of bushes of raspberries to go with. Raspberries are my favourites.

Now, I can hear some of you say, well, you wrote about strawberries last time. And you are correct, I did write about luscious dripping bags of strawberries. In the PAST tense. And, it has to be said, I still love strawberries ( though I no longer make jam – sigh!). I usually have a couple every night as part of my pudding of yoghurt, sugar free jelly and fresh fruit. BUT, raspberries ARE MY FAVOURITE, next comes home grown blackberries, ( in the absense of Loganberries, that is). plucked from the vine ( ok stem). Nothing better of a summers day than freshly picked blackberries (and, for that matter, home grown tomatoes – yea, off of the vine this time),

Sadly, no tomatoes this year,though I still have last years seeds that I bought in hopes of planting some. Tough spring! This was not to be. But I have what looks like a bumper crop of blackberries, with very little effort in my part. Nice one!

Berry Fruit.

Summer is the time of harvest,
Fruit growing ripe on the vine,
Bushes of berries grow swollen,
Just before harvesting time.

CurrantsI must give a mention,
Full of Vitamins A and B1,
Iron and all things of quality,,
Tasty to eat, and such fun.

There’s blackcurrants rich in riboflavin,
And pretty redcurrants, and white,
All have different properties,
But really, the taste is just right.

I wish I had rows of fresh raspberries
To ripen well all summer long,
The red and autumnal yellows,
I greet them with joyful song.

Strawberries, all kinds of flavours,
All types of sizes as well.
Juicy, delicious and moresome,
Favourites all, you can tell.

Red is the colour that beckons,
Nature has set them apart,
Vitamin C, in abundance,
Like a strawberry cream fruit tart.

And as for the making of jelly
And jams, full of fruit you can see,
Just cooling down in the bottle,
In time for a Jam aandwich tea.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. June, 2015.

Enough drooling! I can have very little in any case ( too much sugar).

Have a great day, whereve you may be. Be safe.



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