Seventh June Blog


Seventh June Blog.

All downhill from here!!!

June 21st, in my time zone, the longest day of the year and as such, we must consider that we will no longer be waking up to even earlier days and longer evenings. It all stops with today. Today is it! From now on, the day starts getting just that little bit darker both in the mornings and in the evenings. Towit, we are falling headlong into yet another winter. Seems like we only just came out from one! Hardly any spring, and as yet, not that much summer.

That being the case, why do schools have holidays in July and August, both the 7th and the 8th months of the year, respectively???? I for one, have never fathomed this out. Unless of course. It all started with the Greeks and Romans who all lived in Mediterranean climates? The basic route of most education and naming of things!

I am no deep scolar, but over my immense years on this earth, I have kept my ears and eyes open and picked up a bit of information here and there that suggests that these ancient civilisations set the standards for what we accept now, in this century.

Rightly or wrongly, this is the premise my yearly life decides upon. And dash it all,
22-6-15 is overcast, to quote a famous book ‘The Shape of Things to Come’?

One must say that three afternoons of warm sunshine does NOT, in my humble estimation, constitute a summer!!!

Where are the summers of yesteryear? Did we, indeed, ever have them? Are they a memory myth, located somewhere in the dreamworld of our brains. Can the mind be so cruel as to make us think we had wonderful times way back when ( epecially at my age), (whatever those times, for anyone might be?)? Is it a way for the human mind to let us sink slowly into the abyss, thinking that we have had good times? ( when actually, we may not)? Who knows?

Personally, I cannot remember rainy days, though there must have been plenty of them. I do remember icy winters, where frost made wonderful curling patterns all over the upstairs windows. I even painted aicture based on these patterns at one point, they were so beautiful, cold, but beautufully formed. Chilly days.

Coming home from school, about eight to ten years of age, to a roaring fire, having thick chunky bread, toasted on long toasting forks i. Front of that open fire, with butter and honey. Listening to the radio, a children’s series called ‘Jewels of the Madonna’. Then there was the sci fi radio series ‘Journey Into Space’ ( probably where I got my scfi bug), and another I liked a lot, ‘Dick Bartin: Special Agent’. Heady days!

All I can remember, other than the above, are warm summer days. I know now, that that is not likely. Plants do not grow without rain and I deinitely remembe my teens, early twenties when there were abundant food crops, like strawberries heaped on trays outside the greengrocers, sold by the pound and scooped into brown paper bags. Not like now, where you only buy them in punnets, but heaped, the juices running at the edges of the trays, wasps hovering around, the sun beating warm, drawing out the rich strawberry flavour so that you could smell the fruit several shops away.

These were sold as ‘jamming strawberries’. Obviously more housewives made jam in those days ( the jam was a lot better than shop bought). The berries for eating, Sunday tea and all that, were sold differently. I cannot remember how, but they could have been in baskets. Certainly they were handled more gently. (I mentioned this to my daughter who replief ” how unhygenic!”. Oh, the follies of the young. Won’t eat anything beyond the sell by date. How wpuld they have dealt with a time of no refrigeration??? I digress.

Whereas the loose fruit was sold fast, lots of people queueing to get the topmost, less damaged berries. Going home with paper bags of dripping strawberries that were so aromatic, and somewhat messy, juice dripping from the corners. A wise buyer took other bags with them if planning to purchasr jamming berries. But the scent was so sweet. Not so the strawberries today. Encased in plastic cartons, no hot sun leaching that pungent strawberry flavour, announcing you were the proud owner of berries, later to be cooked into fresh jam. Thoughts of thick Slices of white bread, piled with butter and laced with thick, berry-filled newly made jam. Ohhhhh! Not that I could eat any of that these days, but oh, those summer-filled memories.

It is 23-6-15 and the sun has deigned to show itself, for how long, is anyone’s guess.

Be safe, be as happy and healthy ad you can be.



2 thoughts on “Seventh June Blog

  1. Thank ou stevetanham, as I said, heady days. Wish we could buy strawberrie li that these days, but the varieties are not the same, not any more. Bless for reading.

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